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Senile apartment: A few old person comes home eat reunion meal
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“ celebrates a festival will do not see me medium, my what also did not think, had wanted at easely only, where is be in the home? ”94 year old Peng Laotai looks be like did not care about the Mid-autumn Festival to answer do not come home, actually, she looks at other old person to be received in succession by children in admiring ground all the time. Yesterday is the Mid-autumn Festival, 204 old people in a senile boarding house of Zhengzhou town, only 18 people are received to come home to reunion with the family member.

[34: 3] few number old person comes home celebrate a festival

Peng Laotai of 94 years old enters Zhengzhou city to love king of strong and pervasive fragrance senile apartment already had Hu Zhai 4 years, in these a few years, her Spring Festival and the Mid-autumn Festival are spent in senile apartment.

25 days, speak of the Mid-autumn Festival, one face does not care about Peng old lady: “ celebrates a festival will do not see me medium, my what also did not think, had wanted at easely only, where is be in the home? ” does not pass, between conversation, she looks at other old person to be received by children in the vision that uses envy all the time.

As contrary as Peng Laotai, wang Laoxian is born one day how to to talk, write on his face full disappointed. 25 days of before dawn are much at 5 o'clock, he gets up begin to clear away a thing, waiting for children people receive him to come home to eat reunion meal together, but, till afternoon 4 when, still come over without the person. “ their job is busy, bad to ask for leave. ” Wang Laoxian gives birth to helpless ego to comfort.

Gao Lili of director of apartment of old age of king introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad stockaded village says, 25 days, 204 old people in apartment are only 6 people come home in the evening celebrate a festival, 12 people are received by the family member midday eat a reunion meal. The chief of another senile apartment also says, after a few children come to apartment, always hand in cost to go, even “ does not have time ” to go to a room seeing an old person, prep let alone receives an old person to come home celebrated a festival.

[tentative idea] National Day also can fill to reunion suddenly meal

“ says not to want to come home, that is flapdoodle, see namely see children, the it may not be a bad idea in the heart suffers! ” is in ten old people that accept reporter investigation, only an old gentleman states “ does not want to come home, it is to give children completely people incommode ” . The Mid-autumn Festival of a lot of old people did not see “ oneself family member, some children did not plan to come over at all. Some chief of senile apartment says ” Zhengzhou town, on holidays, great majority old person hopes to be received to come home, once nobody will receive, a few old people with respect to tea meal not sweet, get angry indescribably still to others sometimes. We also think “ receive an old person to come home, but really busy come nevertheless, the Mid-autumn Festival is received come home, send back again the following day, get most day time back and forth. Additional, the old person takes care of us to also not be at ease in the nobody in the home. ” does not wish to divulge the gentleman of the full name says, the Mid-autumn Festival is National Day long holiday afterwards, the preparation in the home borrows this opportunity to fill to reunion mid-autumn to the old person again meal.
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