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Senile apartment: A few old person comes home eat reunion meal
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Fan Xuezhen of 56 years old tells a reporter happily, she already lived two years in senile apartment, be in early last weekend, two sons are taking moon cake and fruit to see her, the Mid-autumn Festival still has called designedly in the morning for, the work that day is real too busy, do not go, national Day receives her to come home again.

[proposal] be free to accompany crack with teeth in mouth of Lao of old person Lao more

Zhengzhou loves Cui Jianguo of head of department of layout of group of provide for the aged of strong and pervasive fragrance to express, although the staff member in senile apartment everyday round the old person, ” of affectionate appellation grandpa “ , grandma, but these still cannot replace strong close feeling. A lot of moment, even if children my these days of a “ is busy, do not have time to see the complimentary phone of your ” , can let an old person before the companion “ shows off ” a long time.

Wuhan university is sociological doctoral plum teacher thinks, tend gradually as our country population aged, after corporeal life gets satisfaction, old people needs mental support more, again much tonic also the word of a few the daily life of a family of children of be not a patch on. Old person most be afraid of loneliness, most be afraid of be forgotten.

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