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Children of busy equipment of the old person before the section " answer mew " d
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Have pity on heart of the world parents

The sumptuous dinner kissing affection that the Mid-autumn Festival may make mentally of a lot of old people. On September 25 morning, each marine —— that big supermarket became silver hair person almost is Dalian prepare dinner of big home of reunion of the Mid-autumn Festival, the parents of old people pushing shopping car jam to be before supermarket goods shelves, the … length dragon of the silver hair since the platoon is more before gathering stage…

Commodity takes the mood to assemble a car together

“ buys bit of grape, small Qin loves to eat a grape. Was opposite, buy box milk, to east east drink. Moon cake was not bought, children can be taken. ”25 day in the morning 10 when much, inside a supermarket of area of Dalian Xi Gang, old age of a pair of silver hair is pushing shopping car to shop by the side of the couple, the edge is chatting each other. Apparent, they are in for mid-autumn nocturnal children people “ answers mew ” to making preparation. “ is common busy, the Mid-autumn Festival always should reunion. Son, grandchildren come back to celebrate a festival, we must prepare a site more. ” busy move says toward the silver hair mother that entire case milk carries inside barrow. Their shopping car almost already by crowded, two bottles of a few jins of a few strings of milk of an a bunch of one pouch face, leek, flesh, one box, grapes, apples, wine, still have an a pot for steaming food even. “ prepares evaporate dumpling to eat to the child tonight, a pot for steaming food in the home is bad, as it happens is bought now new. Father of ” silver hair is laughing to say.

These two old people are supermarket silver hair purchases a crowd a in the center only, inside a few large supermarkets, the old people that will purchase occupies one most, before the bar of settle accounts, the platoon removed the long dragon of silver hair person.

Expenditure issues 100 yuan scarcely

Reporter in Qingdao downtown the advancement of settle accounts bar of a large supermarket went rough statistic. Be in by 15 old people of statistic of settle accounts in the center, expenditure achieves 469 yuan highestly, cost lowest also achieve 36 yuan. In 15 old people, cost those who achieve 100 yuan of above to have 11 people.

In the goods that old people buys, food holds the largest proportion. The probability that the goods that includes moon cake, fruit, dried fruit, snack, beverage to be waited a moment inside is bought is very high. 5 old people that the reporter asks about randomly, their all expresses to say bought thing is bought according to the child's taste.

In 15 old people, only one expresses is not bought for domestic banquet. The old person that leave says, children people busy, will purchase without time, but they should come home in the evening will celebrate a festival, oneself have time by day anyway, be purchased so.
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