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Ms. Wang of 60 years old accepts when interviewing, say to the reporter: A many month does not have “ child came home, want, come back to celebrate a festival mid-autumn, in my heart glad, which can prepare to had been nodded? ”

Passed nocturnal mood expects hard mid-autumn

Mr Zhou of 68 years old was carrying basket to choose many children to like eating thing. Accepting when interviewing, he says: “ mid-autumn although night is lively, but lively was over to also should answer each each, we are remained only again in the home old two. ”

25 days 10 when 50 minutes, in Qingdao city Xi Gang district a large supermarket queues up the Changlongzhong of settle accounts, because a few old people queue up long, helping shopping car up to beat a waist, also have old two are beaten each other beat shoulder. An uncle looks at to the cue that discharging before the move sighed with emotion: “ is to cross a the Mid-Autumn Festival! ”“ has pity on heart of the world parents. ” is carrying shopping basket to stand in team backmost a lady says.

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