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Zhengzhou has " macrobian courtyard "
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Is the old lady that guesses do the splits how old this year? 63 years old

Do 50 pull-up calculate what? Mere trifle

Henan is saved 5 build family member courtyard to be known as ” of “ macrobian courtyard, the old people here is like in person, the body times club, each still hides absolutely vivid.

Each has the old person to live absolutely

“ is cheered, cheer ……”24 day in the morning, the Henan that is located in construction road and mouth of across of volt ox road is saved 5 build applause of stadium of family member courtyard ceaseless. On a horizontal bar, the old person with one build white see things in a blur is playing horizontal bar, a little while upgrade is pulled, rinsed like swinging swing again a little while.

“50 fell, come down king old lady. Mr Li on the side of ” says. “87(year old) , old, pull did not move. Word of ” old person just was exported, draw sound of a sigh immediately, till Li Naying of 80 years old aunt comes out to confirm, everybody just believed the age of the old person.

This returns “ what to to calculate, the old person here each is ‘ star ’ ! Yang Gencheng of 65 years old is saying courtyard of ” family member, on the side an old person cried.

“ she can do the splits, do not believe you to look. This old person performs ” desire very strong, declined a little, when everybody has not looked clear how to return a responsibility, the old person vacates the ground double leg touchdown, a beautiful do the splits is finished, complete touchdown became two legs a line. See old person face bring smile again, also did not feel difficult it seems that.

Everybody resembles a family

An old person on the side says, the old person that performs do the splits is called Geng Jinfeng, this year 63 years old, still calculate “ youth ” in this group of old people.

“ these are one fraction only, be in only 25, 26, 33 the old person of 90 years old of above has 3 buildings 6, courtyard of whole family member the old person of 70 years old of above many 100, near 30 of 80 years old of above. Ceng Yu of ” community director says, they courtyard of this family member became ” of “ macrobian courtyard, old person not only the body is good, and each has absolutely vivid.

The Yang Gencheng belt of family member courtyard is worn the reporter went circuit, in lofty phoenix tree the tree falls, many old people take a paper that day fine fine grind read, the person that takes on the road should meet to greet sb with respect to meeting each other only.

Because neighborhood relationship is harmonious,“ is, domestic concern is harmonious, so the longlived person of family member courtyard ability is very much. ”97 year old Cai old lady says, the everybody in the village resembles a family, no matter whose home has what difficulty, everybody can stretch his hand help. The child of a lot of old people bought big house outside, old people still does not want.
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