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Zhengzhou has " macrobian courtyard "
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I still prepare “ live to be 100 years old, it is not certain to move other place. An old person of 8 a period of ten days of surname plum says ” jokingly.

State of mind is crucial very

Why the macrobian old person that family member courtyard has so much?

“ state of mind is crucial very. ” Ceng Yu says, she ever had made investigation, discover old people has a first-rate state of mind, when anything crops up not anxious, notice food, take exercise appropriately namely additionally. Courtyard of their family member 87 years old of old people, experienced ” of fleet-footed of a pair of “ , walk along a road to come the youth also is inferior to him. because often take exercise, the old person catchs a cold to have rarely repeatedly.

The door wave professor of institute of Henan traditional Chinese medical science thinks, as standard of living rise, the old person of longevity increasingly grow in quantity is very normal. But resemble 5 build family member courtyard, appear at a draught so much however not very common, likelihood and everybody often move and the atmosphere with good community is concerned.

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