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Harbin: The old person does not come home more mid-autumn celebrate a festival
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25 days are the Mid-autumn Festival, it is the day of reunion, however the reporter is in the discovery when visitting a few senile boarding house of Harbin town and social welfare courtyard, the Mid-autumn Festival of most old person here chooses not to come home, they are willing to stay in apartment to mix more celebrate a festival together with age person.
Our life is full of “ sunshine ……” mid-autumn day, lively singing from Harbin city li of area peace and happiness is senile come out inside apartment, many 60 old person is surrounded sit together, sing dance, eating moon cake, share festal joyance. House manager Zhang Hui says, old this year people chooses to stay in apartment to celebrate a festival. Children people also will had seen an old person, hope they come home eat a reunion meal, can be rejected by old people.
“ is senile now the condition of apartment is pretty good, serve personnel 24 hours to be on duty, room somebody is cleaned, the dress is changed regularly wash, at any time somebody accompanies you to chat, much more comfortable than be in the home. ” comes senile apartment already 3 years the man wife of father's elder brother of time says, she had been used to apartment delicate and the life that has the law, although come home,can reunion with children, daily life of the life after can going back is unaccustomed, still be inferior to be being waited for together with these old friend get Shu Xin too.
The children that Chen Da as form of a address for an official or rich man just has visited him, want to receive him to come home celebrate a festival, but was rejected by him. Old uncle says: “ this went one day, go back to eat a meal namely just, fetch sends those who hold out do sth over and over again. Old in apartment people also has the joy that belongs to his. ”
In old age of Yue of Harbin strong and pervasive fragrance house is living 103 old people, tell according to manager of this apartment king, so old come home spend the New Year the old person of the section is very few, work besides children busy do not take off besides the body, although children people will receive, old people also does not wish to go back. Tell the truth, a lot of old people also want to live together with children, talk about confabulate, say to talk, but see children busy all the day oneself career, a suit exhaustion returns the home in, do not want to increase their burden again really as elder.
Whenever festival, although there is the program of rich and colorful inside senile apartment, a lot of children also visit father and mother in light of the meeting, but in be being interviewed, a lot of people think this can not replace an old person to receive come home, let them experience the atmosphere of reunion. Mr Sun that works in the government organization says: “ job is busy not be not to receive parents to come home the reason that celebrate a festival, anyhow, celebrate a festival or should let parents come home eat a reunion meal. ”
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