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Fu of deaf-mute an old fellow like me brushs a shoe to make offerings to the uni
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Collect the bottle, shoeshine, deaf-mute old husband and wife that plays chore to make a living to leaning, their only foster daughter Zhou Lili sends into university classroom. On September 24, the reporter walks into this poor and happy family.
The reporter is witnessed
Their home is pallet and narrow
24 days morning 10 when make, the reporter will to Nanchang city enter the water alley 36 abode of this pair of deaf-mute couples. Push extremely shabby wood door, the reporter after going in feels at the moment one dark: This one room the house place of one hall, the kitchen resembles corridor, inside dining room with respect to one desk two stool, a TV, a sofa, do not fall with respect to the look again other. And the bedchamber that back room is Fu of week an old fellow like me, have a piece of simple bed only, other the article that is some of stale.
House appoint can introduce
Good thing leaves foster daughter to eat
According to entering the water alley is resided appoint meet lady of staff member arrowroot introduce, this is low to deaf-mute couple protect door, call Zhou Shang maly, already passed 8 a period of ten years in one's age, did not work all the time. Threw one Jiao October last year, shank was broken, up to now his own life daily life relies on cane wheelchair even. His old partner calls Chen Xiaoyou, also be the person of a cycle of sixty years, have 600 multivariate pension every months. Because marital body is bad all the time, the daughter reads should spend money, old the old lady is obliged to collect bottle, shoeshine, hit chore to subsidize family expenses.
Arrowroot director still tells a reporter, strand a family especially to this, house appoint can provide a help as far as possible, pass a section every year to send rice to send the articles for daily use such as oil to them too, still have socially person of a few good intention, also meet nonsked deliverance they. Last year, an armed police soldier contributes Fu of this pair of an old fellow like me one-timely 300 multivariate. Although the family is very difficult, but they are first-rate however to the daughter, two him old people collect dish leaf to fry from market will eat, leave their daughter delicious thing however.
Daughter deep feeling is told about
Parents is my mental power
Afternoon 1 when 30 minutes, the reporter saw the Zhou Lili that comes home from the school. Zhou Lili tells a reporter, she this year 18 years old, in Jiangxi travel trade school is read big one, annual 6000 multivariate tuition, 60% parents gives, 40% rely on oneself cold summer vacation, outer on the weekend part-time job earns. Since sensible since, many people say her father and mother deaf dumb, she is only some are afflictive in the heart, but do not care; People says she is foster, she also is not believed, this is being maintained in her heart is his one's own parents. Because they left her best thing entirely.
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