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The girl that destroy a look causes social attention
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“ should be returned daughter ” of a piece of beautiful cheek after one article appears in the newspaper, cause a society to pay close attention to extensively, tens of home media are reprinted in succession, a few hospitals, enterprise and love personage call our newspaper, express to wish to help this daughter of affliction and she great mother.
Everybody comes to “ endeavor to help them. Paragraph of doctor of ” Chongqing town of division of plastics of burn of hospital of the 2nd people say, huang Dejiao is unfortunate, but encountering a such great mothers is lucky. Paragraph doctor welcome Huang Dejiao is in a hospital to undertake cosmetology to him, hospital general as far as possible derate its charge, strive for become an operation for Huang Dejiao as soon as possible.

In addition, the much home hospital such as Dalian, Chengdu also makes a telephone call, the hope helps this pair of mother and daughter. Jiangsu is defended Nanjing is gone to before inspecting column of “ world ” to also invite mother and daughter of yellow heart charming, the spot tells about the mother love of silence of this paragraph of quiet, for them the first phase that make helps sexual program.

“ has the help of person of so much good intention, I have hope more to the life. ” Huang Dejiao says, besides mother love, she more the warmth that experienced a society, she entrusts our newspaper to have the express one's thanks to of good intention person that cares her to place.

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