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Love gathers together below the setting sun marine
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Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain after seismic disaster happens, the safety changes in temperature of disaster area masses is affecting the heart of dweller of community of Han Dan city, numerous dweller is initiative drive a place to community, to disaster area contribution.

After seismic happening, year the city of Dan of Heibei province Han of nearly 6 a period of ten days revives the person such as Li Qinglin of 143 courtyards old Party member and Du Yucen walks early to reside greatly appoint meeting, initiative organization “ is aseismatic provide disaster relief, unity is strength, community old person reachs the raise donations activity of the hand ” of aid to disaster area people. Accompanying what 79 years old of senile Zhang Xueyong knock noisy to build up war drum sound, the old pal inside the courtyard hears voice and come, the cue since the platoon contributes content to give him love for disaster area contribution.

Many years old 80 retire veteran cadre Bai Xuewen also is among the team of contribution. Face a reporter interview, look of white hair old person says hale and heartily: “ person is old, have bit of hard of hearing, hear not clear news, everyday I read newspaper to understand the situation of a disaster. See on TV armed police officers and soldiers and cure protect personnel to overcome heavy difficulty every time, take the bull by the horns comes out stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses from the rescue in remains when, I can be their clap uncontrollably to applaud. ”

79 years old retire old person of cadre Ma Yulin to contribution of Sichuan disaster area 1000 yuan. He is containing hot tear to tell a reporter: I had attended “ the rescuing job of shake of mesa of Tang Shan, Xing, I had seen disaster area people the view that that one in pairs embodies hope completely, I can use up my negligible a bit force to nod a help to them only now. ”

Li Jinshan this year already is 74 years old of advanced age, after the message that hears of an earthquake very anxious: “ I wish to head for disaster area to help stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses personally, but unable to do what one wants very much to do, will to here contribute go up some of money expression intention. ”

In the contribution team of old people, the son that takes the middle school on the move to middleaged husband and wife also is queueing up to await contribution, mobile controller tells them: “ this is the raise donations activity that the old person conducts, basically be aimed at an old person. ” but the child however mood says sturdily: Grandpa “ , it is no matter in where contribution, I know this money can send disaster area, rebuild for them home is a bit more consecratory love. I want to let disaster area child weigh garden of return to school after the vacation as soon as possible only. ”

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