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Masses of 34 disaster area comes to Shenyang " settle down " every monthly wages
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“ Shenyang person is nice, we eat those who live is good! ”5 month 30 days, 34 people arrive at first disaster area masses that leaves Sichuan different ground to find a place for Shenyang, they become the new employee of group of trade of milk of Shenyang brightness hill, settle down in Shenyang. The new living quarter with neat occupy, eat on goluptious home town dish, they keep saying benedictory word. Still will 16 people touch Shenyang today.

More than 10 days, can sleep eventually good become aware

Before a week, controller of brightness hill group leads a staff member to come to continous in relief city, find local government, active demand finds a place for to Shenyang a batch of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses. Risking aftershock, mud-rock flow, roll the danger affection such as cave in of stone, road surface, this group went 4 stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses to find a place for dot, recruited 300 much people, the age comes 35 years old in 18 years old between, brightness hill breeds course of study will undertake to them skill grooms, make if milk cow is raised,they can be competent, the job of property management and so on, can begin their new life and work as soon as possible. Their every monthly wages can be amounted to 2000 multivariate, the enterprise pays insurance for them.

The course builds up, first 50 people leave plain go to Shenyang, they come from continous in relief city to make the same score fierce county respectively south area of view of dam, water, 10 bank. When this 50 people take military vehicle to leave, local hits a “ to make the same score fierce people tearful acknowledgment the gules scroll send off of your ” . “ takes car of suffer from excessive internal heat, was free from anxiety in our heart a few, need not use eventually sleep tent, what sleep on board is quite good. Come to Shenyang, occupy new living quarter, took home town course, we are more dependable. More than 10 days, we can bathe eventually, sleep good became aware. ”19 year old boy Zhang Long says.

Lose children, the sister walks out of big hill first

When 34 people step down the train, wearing donated dress, because their house already collapsed, had not searched to give what thing.

Wang Zhongqiong and Zhao Ling are a pair of cousin, they never had walked out of the big hill of home town, had not taken even the train. Wang Zhongqiong tells: “ my son is 12 years old, her daughter is 6 years old, it is south of dam elementary school. They are attending class when the earthquake, was buried to be in remains. Family runs to the school, gather up desperately a child, but two children had broken spirit. ” Wang Zhongqiong says these days family has cried fought tear, she is met everyday insomnia, now and then was asleep to also can become nightmare. Look at heart of a remains everyday in very afflictive, this Shenyang is hired, they discuss with family, want to leave Sichuan, the hope can forget a few anguish.
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