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The discretion when old person appliance is being designed wants appropriate in
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Zhou Yanmin of controller of ” of group of task of research of design of building of old people of associate professor of college of Tsinghua university building, “ says, when be like desk and chair, shoe, cane to wait to the old person designs a bedroom or buy daily articles for daily use, must notice a reasonable height, otherwise old people is used rise the meeting is very demanding.
Standard design does not suit old people highly
Zhou Yanmin says when accepting a reporter to interview, a lot of will tell the height that not matter to ask to the youth, will tell to old people is indispensable however.   
Zhou Yanmin says: In “ bedroom design, standard design often brings a trouble to old people highly, inconvenience lives independently at them, a lot of components are not too tall it is too low. So, no matter be the commodity of bedroom design or old people, must have a scientific height. ” Zhou Yanmin says, for instance the shower of some domestic toilet implement An Detai is tall, the old person bathes want to move current way, stand on tiptoe removes tiptoe ability get at, slip easily. These problems are decorated in the bedroom before should mature, decorate otherwise end, it is difficult to want to alter again.   
The comfortable height of furniture
So, what is just the scientific height that suits old people? Professor Zhou made the scientific altimeter of a health for the life of old people:
Table height is 72—75 centimeter, the table that should compare a youth slightly low. Professor Zhou says: “ old people is mostly dazed, the eye when reading needs to leave book distance a bit further, desk slightly small conference is more convenient. Some ” old people want volt case job in the home, should take the height of the desk seriously so.   
Desk mesa height should sit to stand foursquare for the body, two tactics palm is flat when be being put on the desktop, need not bow or bend ancon joint is beautiful. If the old person uses computer, the height that notices computer clavier should be equivalent to be being made the same score straight after sitting, artifice the height of extension forward of flat, arm. Use the desk of this one height and computer, because of,can reduce long volt case and the lumbar acerbity backache that bring about.   
Sit the height that chair chair face is apart from the ground should be controlled 1 centimeter under crus length. The chair is too low, the knee of the old person rises with respect to meeting arch, can have uncomfortable feeling, and when standing up relatively difficult; The chair is too high, criterion body pressing comes dispersedly ham part, make ham inside press press, cause strut issueing a leg to wait.   
Berth but slightly the knee under old people, get out of bed on so convenient old people.   
Power source electrical outlet inserts pitch to leave ground 85—90 centimeter advisable, taller than desk ten centimeter, can reduce the chance that the old person bows so. Mains switch should be chosen wide board prevent switch of key-press of type of leakage of electricity, in order to facilitate the hand shows not agile old people has an operation with other position, switch height should be 1.4—1.5 rice from the ground, if consider the person that wheelchair is used, best setting is controlled in 1 meter.   
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