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The discretion when old person appliance is being designed wants appropriate in
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Discretion of articles for daily use also has exquisite
The height that waits like cane, shoe also has the articles for use of old people very much exquisite.
Medical university of Zhongshan of cane Guangzhou city is accessary iron of swallow of division of medicine of rehabilitation of the 2nd hospital Professor Bin says, when choosing walking stick for the old person, want to let an old person wear a shoe to stand, arm ancon joint is inflectional 150 degrees, on face of the back of hand, before crural little toe outside 15 centimeters of point reach side the length that the distance between the palm is cane. When determining, the old person should wear the shoe that often wears to stand. Professor Yan Tiebin emphasizes, cane length is appropriate be helpful for an old person poising, support weight better, enhance flesh power.   
When choosing walking stick, had better let an old person taking cane to try repeatedly, according to the length of requirement increase and decrease of oneself.   
The shoe has a lot of old people to like to wear flat bottom shoe, think to wear flat bottom shoe light, comfortable, safe, actually this kind of viewpoint is unscientific. The heelpiece height of old people with 1.0—2.5 centimeter advisable, exorbitant too low the health that goes against old people. After heel crosses small conference to increase sufficient with load, bring about what thenar ligament and bone organize to degrade, cause thereby sufficient with painful, dazed and have a headache wait for unwell symptom. Accordingly, the heel of old people is unfavorable under 1 centimeter.   
Pillow pillow height with 10—15 centimeter advisable. Use exorbitant pillow for a long time, cervical be secured to be in proneness, the symptom of old person accentuation that can make contract cervical vertebra disease. And the pillow is too low, the blood that flows into the head slants much, blood-vessel congests, cervical muscle also cannot be loosened, after getting up in the morning, the old person can feel the head bilges acid of painful, neck and eyelid dropsy.

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