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Presbyopic glasses of button love comfortable intelligence innovates independent
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Wuhan brilliant inspects beautiful to roll out Laohua of intelligence of global head money successfully to defend lens — button loves comfortable, what it uses is international intelligence of the most authoritative “ arris access inspects optical technology ” , promotion price is 1280 yuan / deputy, those who achieve price of Chinese presbyopic glasses most, the traditional price 60—120 that this fixed a price to exceed a trade far yuan / deputy upper limit. With shed gold to drip silver-colored myopic lens and sunglass photograph are compared, presbyopic glasses is the ground spreads out commodity price case is given priority to all along. Fix a price so, caused industry expert and the wide attention of the personage inside course of study. It is casual attempt, still be one is premeditated with changing for a long time, our newspaper reporter had a special report. ]
Innovate independently: Comfortable ” of “ button love is about to change presbyopic glasses market
The reporter got an information a few days ago: Comfortable ” of “ button love already passed quality of “ country glasses to detect Ministry of Public Health of central ” , “ inspects eye of Beijing University of ” of optical research center, “ to inspect ” of smooth research center 3 countries have force most detect the orgnaization is recommended, obtained the definitive attestation of European Union SGS at the same time. Already was popularized by product of countrywide enterprise innovation mobile organizing committee is selected enterprise of “2006 whole nation ” of product of 100 beautiful innovation, become glasses the industry enters selection card exclusively.
The professor in the father Liu Wei of ” of presbyopic glasses of “ China intelligence (gainer of award of national science progress) tell when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview: “ button loves comfortable intelligence presbyopic glasses is Chinese own research and development, embrace the glasses of some intellectual property. It is afterwards sheet after focus, double focus, advance gradually much focus, up to now the most authoritative intelligence changes presbyopic glasses. ”>“ button loves controller of center of sale of comfortable ” whole world Mr He Fang, in the preach when refer product function: “ button love is comfortable it is presbyopic glasses of intelligence of global head money, it is Chinese glasses industry first the product of high-end science and technology that own research and development owns intellectual property. It can be synchronous achieve self-adjusting focal distance, match interpupillary distance automatically, compensate eyesight automatically, achieve thereby prevent eye exhaustion, control effectively to often spend degree to rise, prevent cataract form reach avoid central nervous disorder the action of 4 great protection with injury. A lot of had used button to love comfortable person to be convinced deeply by the magical glamour place of achievement of this one science and technology. We can be nodded to be cut with this, change market of Chinese presbyopic glasses thoroughly, wide ‘ of big inside global limits thrust is safe and high-grade vogue, comfortable the new-style Laohua of ’ defends lens. Shape image of brand of Chinese famous glasses. ”
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