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Presbyopic glasses of button love comfortable intelligence innovates independent
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Mr He Fang still introduces: Presbyopic glasses of comfortable intelligence of “ button love is on product function, on transmission, on channel, on crowd fixed position, on the price will with before presbyopic glasses product is different, ultimate goal should make China all namely presbyopic change wear intelligent presbyopic glasses. ”
The Rong Shijiao that occupy a bell awards (Shanghai medicine can inspect optical conference vice director) comfortable to button love give height the opinion: “ button love is comfortable be by Chinese independence research and development, enjoy the product of completely own intellectual property, its occurrence developed market of Chinese presbyopic glasses process watch to shift to an earlier date 20 years. ”
Ecbolic market button loves demand comfortable come on stage grandly credit life and piece
Wuhan brilliant inspected Xiang Buming of Li Lan of director of center of beautiful product research and development to elaborate the current situation of Chinese presbyopic glasses, point out: “ China regards the production of global glasses as big country, the industry grows not divide evenly judge the phenomenon is serious. Presbyopic glasses and myopic lens and sunglass photograph are compared, apparently backward. Still be up to now give priority to with cheap low qualitative low, this is abnormal, 3 person should be collateral development. ”
Director Li tells: “ our country has 300 million much population to deserve to wear glasses, make an appointment with among them 1/3 those who wear is presbyopic glasses. Size of market of presbyopic glasses whole nots allow to ignore. Chinese glasses inn develops in nearly 10 years swift and violent, but presbyopic glasses market still is unmanned make inquires up to now, the backside of this kind of strange phenomenon implies the soft costal region of Chinese glasses industry actually. ”
Director Li emphasizes further: Everybody knows “ , china is the manufacturing big country of world glasses, 70% what glasses crop occupies world glasses gross. But as a result of the technology consciousness of backward, brand is differred, china reduces brand of world famous glasses finally the ’ of ‘ processing factory of custom-built production, the production that stick a card turns sale in domestic market, cost 3—6 yuan, affix foreign brand, social status with respect to the growth with hundredfold, earn the Chinese's money earned by hard toil greatly. What Chinese glasses course of study is short of is the ability of own innovation, did not have existent fulcrum without the technology.
Should not cry ask: “ and myopic lens and sunglass photograph are compared, why didn't presbyopic glasses get rapid development? ”
Director Li points out straight from the shoulder: “ presbyopic glasses did not get rapid development, because manufacturing company of home does not have core,be on one hand ability of own research and development. 2 be, presbyopic glasses consumption still needs to inspire and be taught, that is to say the sanitarian consciousness of people has not obtain presbyopic health protection this administrative levels.
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