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Presbyopic glasses of button love comfortable intelligence innovates independent
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Director Li is last preach: “ Wuhan brilliant inspected beautiful to be certain just about the tremendous potential of presbyopic glasses market, take the advantage of the machine that the market gets involved without international old brand, note gigantic endowment development. Button love is comfortable the hardships that is group course 8 years tries hard, via the data summary of thousands of experiment, it is the crystallization that Chinese glasses course of study innovates independently. Took the lead in using the intelligence of “ arris access with the most authoritative international to inspect optical technology ” inside global limits, successful development went ” of “ intelligence chip, apply its presbyopic glasses to go up. ” of “ intelligence chip mixes 32 convex namely arc prism is compositive in thin on thin lens. Its development solved problem of “ presbyopic ” successfully thoroughly, overturned the major flaw that traditional presbyopic glasses can see object of clear fixed position simply only. “ button loves comfortable ” to let global presbyopic glasses enter intelligence to spend a period from now on. ”
Button love is comfortable buckle market demand closely new structure of ” of tripartite confrontation of put-up “ the Three Kingdoms
Do not cry to teach place understanding to arrive from inside Liu Wei: “ presbyopic patient is behaved not only for eyesight acid of ambiguous, eye bilges dry, accompany have have a headache. And at present the vision of common presbyopic glasses on the market designs a principle very primitive, it is “ magnifier ” only. Undertake eyesight adjustment through using convex lens only, the “ that finished job of close quarters vision simply sees well ” , and the freedom that completes a vision without give attention to two or morethings, comfortable with abiding task, the adjustment of inextricability eye and gather (influx) corresponding physiology concerns, cannot see the object of different position freely, wear 20 minutes or so to be about to be picked commonly. A little inferior presbyopic glasses still can endanger the eye of people, light cause eye acid to bilge, degree is deepened ceaselessly. Cause again dazed, giddy, disgusting, have a headache, cause deep-seated nerve to damage sexual disease to wait even. ”Professor Liu returns Xiang Buming for many times to mention: Old flower of comfortable intelligence of “ button love defends lens can be solved thoroughly not only presbyopic see the problem that get Qing Dynasty. And have health care and the function that fight consenescence, exterior vogue, line is fluent, move move is very, it is the mark of the identity and character. ” does not cry to have feeling greatly, the 2 big crucial reason that “ causes traditional presbyopic glasses to develop suffocate suffocate are function and design, the success with button comfortable love is perfect solved this at 2 o'clock.
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