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Presbyopic glasses of button love comfortable intelligence innovates independent
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The professor in Liu Wei undertook incisive analysis to traditional presbyopic glasses: “ traditional presbyopic glasses is on the price, still give priority to with case of low cost low, 5 yuan of —10 yuan / deputy, high-grade just also be between 60—120; On channel, basically be ground booth goods, be like Beijing east outskirt market; 40—50 is more very in the use crowd of presbyopic glasses year old successful personage, it is the summit summit period of the career, the social class of traditional presbyopic glasses and this kind of crowd and identity and to not agree with, it is to wear name tag below a lot of circumstances, take a car, live villatic, wear cheap presbyopic glasses however, like really the dot ties tie like smooth wing funny. Traditional presbyopic glasses cannot solve presbyopic problem effectively on the function, onefold ageing is more on outer view and design, this makes the lowermost end that presbyopic glasses market is in glasses industry from beginning to end. Cannot be carried with myopic lens, sunglass photograph at all and say. Thousands of yuan buy a pair of sunglass is very common thing, but Hua Qianyuan above buys deputy presbyopic glasses to be not the thing of common namely. Button love is comfortable like wanting to let presbyopic glasses and myopic lens and sunglass namely, make the product of 3 big main trends of glasses industry, form new structure of ” of tripartite confrontation of “ the Three Kingdoms.
Button loves the sign of comfortable fashionable popularity: “ buys presbyopic glasses like buying sunglass”
Button loves the staff member Xiang Buming of comfortable promotion center to introduce: “ button loves crowd of comfortable main goal to be 50 years old personage of boss of look forward to of cadre of the successful personage of above, leader, illicit, white-collar, act art star, their angle vogue, character, healthy life, button love is comfortable can solve presbyopic problem for them not only, the socialization that can be them more and life add infinite luster, gift the individual character view of extraordinary. ”
Mr He Fang tells: At present so called high-grade presbyopic glasses just is in “ the make an issue of on lens wearing, set gold to embed auger, but lens does not have much about-face, look matter as traditional product same. There also are more choice spaces on design. Show oneself individual character without the body. Button love is comfortable it is presbyopic glasses of intelligence of global head money, it is the glasses with most popular international more, by design of Italian name division, the button love of an exquisite air is comfortable, can let you increase countless self-confidence on conference table, lost the presbyopic glasses of very old, let you restore youthful appearance immediately. No matter be to attend a meeting, read, approve a document, love of a pair of button is comfortable solve entirely. Button love is comfortable the mark that is mature man. ”
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