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Intuitionistic input method does not need Chinese character of invention of old
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Chinese character of invention of old person of 7 a period of ten days is intuitionistic input method
Obtain national patent not to need to knock clavier
Continent dispatch has our newspaper trunk of a tree feeling the inheritance that goes against Chinese Chinese character at having an input method and development, an old person of 7 a period of ten days passes individual plant continent several years indefatigable effort, invent eventually give a kind the name is “ head of intuitionistic straight transmit electricity ” of law of Chinese character input, win national patent. Yesterday, the contriver Mo Chonghui of this input method demonstrated this creation that has Chinese distinguishing feature to reporter spot.
Cannot let a Chinese character turn clavier into the symbol
The Mo Chonghui that is 74 years old from individual plant branch of continent duty Wu retired 1992, before retiring, he never has contacted computer. After retiring, he sees those who use others types with computer in a few accidental opportunities basically is 5 or phoneticize input method. While the sense is new, he also discovers, these input methods tear open the character components characteristic with original Chinese character broken up, make the clavier sign that has the Chinese Chinese character of aesthetic feeling to become each to be without a characteristic extremely originally. And, return some person even because use computer for a long time, bring about a Chinese character to write not close, the result won't keep a few very simple Chinese characters actually. This phenomenon causes great anxiety of Mo Chonghui, he thinks, chinese Chinese character is the crystallization of civilization of mankind of a few chiliad, also be the culture sign that has Chinese distinguishing feature alone, if because of computer gain ground those who bring about Chinese character culture is weak change, this will extremely the inheritance that goes against Chinese character culture and development. Then, the Mo Chonghui that knows nothing about computer is determined to find a kind to be able to input the input method that is helpful for people control Chinese character again quickly already.
The input method wins national patent
Although do not know computer, but because be in for a long time,work of duty Wu department studies, mo Chonghui is very sensitive to the number. He is first perhaps reach former unit office in others home, see others how use computer to input a Chinese character. In the meantime, he buys Lai Xinhua dictionary, will above commonly used Chinese character studies one by one, find out its rule. Through counting year of research, he discovers, want to use mathematical principle only, spell pair of structure knowledge through the Chinese character, can the Chinese character with originally model of written characters is inputted directly. Not long ago, this kind of input method that Mo Chonghui invents won national patent.
Let the person aggrandizement memory to the Chinese character
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