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Intuitionistic input method does not need Chinese character of invention of old
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Up-to-date, home Mo Chonghui still does not have computer, installation of his input method CD is on the computer of an Internet bar. Yesterday, mo Chonghui revealed him to the reporter in this Internet bar this invention. This input method need not clavier, however the Chinese character originally model of written characters makes beat of a file enter computer, recycle mouse nods stroke to give a Chinese character directly on the desktop, this is his unique part. See he clicks “ my ” and “ bird ” only, make word of “ goose ” , click ” of day of 3 ” of “ , “ person ” , “ to hit a “ spring ” word. Mo Chonghui introduces, this kind of input method does not destroy the integrality of the Chinese character, let while the person is typing, can understand the structural knowledge of the Chinese character, understand the book of the Chinese character is written, the aggrandizement memory to the Chinese character.
Mo Chonghui says, show knowledge of calligraphy of desalt of the person that laws of some Chinese character input are used, write to the Chinese character become not close, this is very adverse to culture of Chinese Chinese character. He hopes this oneself invention, to promoting Chinese character education, strengthen the force that Chinese culture is in the world, promote ethical culture to be able to rise to urge action certainly. Current, year what the Mo Chonghui with expensive already work hopes most is, somebody can be developed use this patent.

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