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Future of occurrence fractionize of mobile phone market measures a body to decid
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Take a picture, the new function of mobile phone of screen of colour bell, MP3, feeling, blue tooth, online …… is developed ceaselessly, somebody puts forward, mobile phone design of future is met more tend individuation. Psychologist thinks, analyse the psychology of the user, perfect the usability of the mobile phone better, ability enhances the market competition ability of the mobile phone. So ———
A batch of mobile phones that wait for special crowd technically to design production in the light of old person, children appeared on market of latter mobile phone, arrive from ” of original “ hand-hold portable telephone the small mobile phone later, be aimed at the personalized model that specific crowd produces some to now again, the development change quickly of the mobile phone, function also more and more rich and colorful. So, how will be prospective mobile phone moved toward, what kind of mobile phone is just the most welcome “ cosset ” on the market?
The age causes mobile phone fractionize
Zhu Laoxian of 70 years old is unripe this year tell a reporter: The mobile phone that “ my daughters change is used to me, I feel bad to use, screen is too small, it is not clear to look. The premise that I pick a mobile phone is: Font big, operation is simple. The bell sound of my hope mobile phone the voice when communicating is a few bigger, a few bigger. Because I often do not listen to ring to the mobile phone, although put through hind, it is not clear that I also listen, the voice that always feels the other side talks is small. ”
Fill telecommunication to seek advice from issuance report to show according to Nuo, market of Chinese mobile phone already broke through 100 million 2006, china already became the big state of mobile phone sales volume of be worthy of the name. Meanwhile, predict to 2010 population of Chinese the aged will be amounted to 160 million, occupy the 12%% of population number about. Analyse from this, the foreground of market of old people mobile phone is very considerable still. > Miss Wang that starts research and development in a homebred mobile phone to reporter introduction: We are opposite “ now on a few big demands that the research and development of senile machine basically centers in function of machine of senile consumer adversary. Style is for instance old, screen key-press is big, big and volume of big, earphone is clear, bide one's time time is long etc, had better have such as Acousticon, handwritten identifying again, speech is recited, one key is urgent the function such as call is closer. Still have in the old people mobile phone of a few abroad take medicine remind, the function such as Acousticon, magnifier, on these designs sell a dot to be able to be reflected more the personal consideration that gives pair of old people and take care of. ”
Cause the market besides senile machine besides attention, the discussion of infant chance also is absent a few. Show according to the data, be in Germany, England, 6—15 year old the proportion that the child has a mobile phone has been as high as 40%%—50%% , and be in our country Hong Kong, also had reached the proportion of 29%% .
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