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Future of occurrence fractionize of mobile phone market measures a body to decid
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The BuddyBear mobile phone that rolls out by Dutch DealmakersBV company is the product that rolls out in the light of children. Installed pushbutton respectively on 4 claw, every key-press represents a number that has edited beforehand, for instance, on a claw editorial the phone that is mom, on the mobile telephone that can dial mom directly. Receive listen and hang up key is in mouth ministry, the eye is LED lamp, when wanted on the telephone breathe out fashionable can undertake aglimmer. The crust of the mobile phone is made completely with soft plastic material, these are plastic also passed processing, eliminated toxic risk. The SOS help meet an urgent need that sets technically bolts, when producing urgent accident one key can connect get rescuing. “ mobile phone rebukes loudhailer is set between the forehead of ” , set mike between double claw.
The mobile phone uses new the sources of energy
According to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " report, british scientist has ground give out can use all round those who shake generation electric power is efficient confuse your dynamo, the person that prospective mobile phone is used uses his heartbeat to charge for the mobile phone will not be a dream.
The reporter understands, those who use solar energy to come to mobile phone power supply is a kind of portable solar energy fills discharge travelling bag automatically. The module of the film that be not brilliant that is enclosed on substrate is set on bag system, the batteries that memory electric energy still sets on bag system and charge discharge way, charge discharge input end, output end is set on the road, input end and photograph of module of the film that be not brilliant join, output end and join with electric equipment photograph. Leave out sets batteries and corresponding circuit part in mobile phone main body, make portable with electric equipment more facilitate carry, this kind of solar battery board can come true below sun's rays illuminate not only charge, can come true below indoor and the lamplight in the room, natural light, candle power even charge.
Function of prospective mobile phone is more powerful
Recently, on the meeting of countrywide psychological learning that holds in Henan university, ge Lie of professor of psychology of college of Zhejiang grain industry is numerous point out, it is important that psychology studies a of market research to will become a mobile phone to produce business content, for client “ the quantity has something made to order personally the favorite that the mobile phone of ” will make mobile phone market go up.
Function of design of the color that “ user can choose independently to like, appearance, PUI, after still can undertaking archetypal, standard and carry out to the mobile phone make an on-the-spot investigation and check, will choose the mobile phone that suits most with this. ” Ge Lie is numerous think, “ analyses the psychology of the user, perfect the usability of the mobile phone better, ability enhances the market competition ability of the mobile phone. He points out ” , from at first elementary individual character product, develop current masses product, be aimed at some to now again the small lot of specific crowd produces model, be the old people, mobile phone that designs for children technically for instance is a kind of expression. But still be the form with brand shop appears merely in the market currently, and these forms still are put in certain blemish, relatively good product concept should be to be an user custom-built product, will satisfy the special need of the user. Brand of famous mobile phone of the international such as Nuojiya, SamSung, TCL, Xia Xin, home had begun “ the research of this respect, but way is very long still. ”
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