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Market of senile mobile telephone and product are analysed in
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The summary had brief introduction to current situation of market of our country mobile telephone, through analysing our country population aged the old people in austere trend and our country (45-70 year old) the characteristic, market that offers this kind of product lacks a gender to wait, in explaining, senile mobile telephone is in at present the demand on the market reachs its vast development space, and at this point a lot of element that the product needs to consider when research and development and the doubt that people may raise undertook be treatised briefly.
Mobile telephone of keyword industry design is discussed in old people
Current situation of market of our country mobile telephone is summarized
1979, AMPS (system of business of advanced mobile telephone) the network opens operation in American Chicago, system of the first practical beehive is built 1, the mankind entered period of technology of generation mobile. Make type from generation imitate mobile telephone (1G) mobile telephone of number of the 2nd acting GSM that to nowadays people uses, TDMA (2G) , its develop just two years; Now, it of in big strides march toward the next to develop level —— word of the 3rd algebra corresponds (3G) .
Although market of our country mobile phone starts later, but development speed is breathtaking however. Mobile phone user from 1991 forty-seven thousand five hundred 2 come to already was broken through 2002 20, 0 1, such speed caused the wide attention of the whole world. Manufacturer of homebred mobile phone enters the vision that the market does not cross 7 years to now from 1997, sales volume of homebred first half of the year 2003 mobile phone already exceeded 80 million, the market is had rate from the ” of former 0 “ half of country to nowadays, showed the tremendous progress potential of homebred mobile phone, a batch of home firms that have actual strength still are growing flourishingly. The TD-SCDMA that representing 3G level is contain the 3G level that order alone by China. It on June 29, 1999 by academy of science and technology of telecommunication of Chinese former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic) to international Telecommunication Union (ITU) puts forward, its are in spectrum utilization rate, right the respect such as flexibility of business support, frequency and cost has distinct advantage 1. In the meantime, as a result of country's huge market, this standard gets the attention of manufacturer of each large main and telegraphic equipment, the equipment manufacturer of global half above announces to be able to support TD-SCDMA level. This explains, not only the market of our country is approbated extensively, on the technology our country already also was in the whole world to get go ahead of the rest to list, have the capacity of independent research and development.
Nowadays, china already entered the information period that high speed develops, regard an individual as information interactive terminal, the mobile telephone already made the indispensable one part in every urbanite life, study, job. No matter family of the business, greeting when friend, leisure is being communicated when coming off work is contacted when go to work, still call to deliver short message of message, hair to express love with the character with speech, the mobile telephone brings huge to go to the lavatory to people with quick, it already ground of be worthy of became the inseparable friend in people life, especially youth.
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