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Market of senile mobile telephone and product are analysed in
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Of the concatenate, vogue of the need of the youth development because of the society, job, friendship drive wait a variety of reasons a moment, made the pioneer of mobile telephone purchaser and one class market. A lot of businessmen recognize the purchasing power that granted a youth, understand them to love to go after vogue, easy “ to love the new and loathe the old ” , often vie each other, the characteristic of hope extraordinary, and the mobile telephone is they are in the tool with all sorts of indispensable circumstances, resemble fashionable dress same, also want trend of ceaseless commutation popularity, and often be updated, consequently they held the absolutely share of the market. Data shows, those who cross a mobile phone is change to occupy at least among the youth of nowadays of 80% , this cannot not say is a giant consumptive group, this also is the object that businessmen break through mainly.
The mobile phone on the market also can say is pattern various. After GD80 of mobile phone of the first lady is rolled out below the pine, manufacturer of each mobile phone is undertaking the design of specific aim in the light of different consumer in succession. The series of ” of “ woman star of wave guide company, 8008 of Xi Menzi company, the N910 of NEC company, the A8 of mansion new company and its series product, design for the female only. The Xelibri of door subsidiary returns open up on the west additional kind of fashionable beginning. Roll out the first to have from Nokia take a picture functional mobile phone 7650 later, firm of each mobile phone changed the key of the market to colour screen again, have take a picture functional mobile phone, it is to have even photograph the mobile telephone that resembles a function. Still have the business affairs that designs for the man only mobile phone at the same time, be like Motolora company 388, V750, A760, and the V3 that is about to appear on the market. The mobile phone has a fever friend often also can be worn from a lot of delegates joy is sought in the mobile phone of top science and technology. Such cartoon of the GD50 that if the pine falls,also can find even woman students of “ small ” from inside the market, GD51, GD55, lovely mobile phone, can find even like mobile phone of Hello Kitty theme such product.
However, this appears among them little the old people in —— of a kind of crowd.
Product of senile mobile telephone is having huge market space and development perspective in our country in
To in product of senile mobile telephone, a lot of people can have such doubt: Do they need? How many old people can be used receive a mobile telephone? In fact, product of senile mobile telephone has huge to develop a space in, be sure to make the development way with new product of prospective mobile telephone.
Advance ahead ceaselessly as the society, of the business of people and science and technology develop interweave together, make communicate become with communication already difficult simple. Young and factitious live, development desperately the job, attend without more time oneself parents; In the meantime, present youth is a singleton mostly female, want to face 4 old people to husband and wife. However, science and technology was offerred for people in this moment convenient, the high speed of newsletter line of business develops, make although people is far it is besides a thousand li also as be nearly before. What filial piety heart of the youth increases time is pressing, make cannot the young people that spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else patronizes an old person begins to care an old person with his angle. A lot of youths consider want to be able to get in touch with parents at any time, even if when disengaged pace rests near the door, or can seasonable when parents encounters emergency get in touch with oneself or appeal. A lot of youths begin market of patronage mobile communication again, they are not this to be self-selection mobile telephone, however the parents for them.
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