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Market of senile mobile telephone and product are analysed in
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However, the current situation of the market nots allow really hopeful. Of full of beautiful things in eyes is each inside hall of mobile telephone sale delicate, cabinet and glaring mobile phone, look at mobile telephone manufacturer people the sale strategy that cudgel one's brains for recalls and propagandist catchword, which is design of the old people in be truly to have again among them? Bulk pee at carrying, but in old people is used rise to be held not easily however, slide easily; The interface is small delicate and lovely, but in old people differentiates not easily however clavier, cannot clarity identifying character, press more not easily at touching; The function adds pleasure more, but a lot of functions are youth place happy heart, the function that a few old people in suiting use however not amid is reflected; Exterior get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, colour is provided extremely use feeling, data very contemporary, can be medium whether does old people care these really, or in use whether do they feel comfortable to go to the lavatory? Should say, in this respect domestic and international market is existing huge is vacant. Should be right this gives when taking seriously. Www.dolcn.com
Begin from last centuries, the whole world already gradually incline to at aged. The Euramerican country that the west develops, include the developed country such as Japan, be in early 20 centuries already were entered the fifties aged level. As human fertility reduce and of life rise, the aged population rises in the proportion year after year in the society, the aged problem already became one of major problems that global place pays close attention to. A lot of countries already began from early aged the research of the problem, corresponding designed a lot of establishment that are the many sided such as old people life, recreational, medical treatment, food to use only and product. But, because newsletter line of business is nearly two years of ability,swift and violent development rises, the product that because this is in,mobile telephone respect designs for old people only still scarce.
Our country more not exceptional. The old people of our country presses 60 years old of computation. Concerned data shows, 1964 in census, the population of 60 years old of above of our country is occupied 6.1% . When the 5th census that undertakes to November 2000, 65 years old of population of our country that reach above 88.11 million, 6.96% what occupy total population, the senile population of 60 years old of above is about 130 million, 10.3% what occupy total population. In fact, begin from 1999, the proportion that our country reachs population of above old age 60 years old to occupy total population already was achieved 10% , our country already faced a society aged * problem.
Another phenomenon is, although the old people of 60 years old of above is in the society,the proportion year after year that takes rises, but the most healthy in order in them, still can undertake activities of various room inside and outside and public activity, a lot of people still are working even a gleam of. Data of the 4th census of countrywide makes clear, our country reached population of above old age 60 years old 1990 lead in course of study, the whole nation is 28.5% , city (do not contain city administer county) for 16.7% , the town is 15.6% , county (do not contain prefectural administer to press down) for 32.6% . This is meant, there is 1 to participate in “ to often be ” somewhat in every 3 old people almost, they still resemble in young crowd is same, undertake the activity of the many sided such as regular job, life, intercourse.
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