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Market of senile mobile telephone and product are analysed in
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However, after all the die of years left a mark on their body, a few as time airframe functions that return gradually are inevitable. Order is in the perceptive organ basis such as vision, hearing, smell, touch to ebb gradually; All sorts of so called senile diseases, the disease of circulatory system of the arthritis of a certain number of the heart disease that is like all sorts of types, hypertensive, types, cancer, diabetic, cerebral haemorrhage, blood is waited a moment, the likelihood can come stealthily as years. And these go up in spirit and thinking still ripsnorter people, longing for likewise more or less outside help, will offset the loss that years brings.
Not only such, let us come with the eye of development again look upon problem, look ten years or longer later. 20 centuries 559 time are the peak period that our country is born, the crowd that bears in those days will be in 10 time enter this century just a little old age, of population aged the meeting is more serious. Like chart 1 show, according to forecasting, to 2015, old people will exceed 200 million; 2025, the senile population of 60 years old of above will be achieved 280 million, 18.4% what occupy total population; 2050, will achieve 410 million, 27.4% what occupy total population, that is to say, there is an old people in every 4 people probably. This is a how breathtaking scale.
See chart again 2, this is life expectancy of our country population forecast. Pursue OK from this see, the average life expectancy of our country population rises year after year, and woman life wants grow with the male. Current, the mean life of our country population, the female already exceeded 70 years old, the male also is close to 70 years old.
Accordingly, the old people in be research target certainly (come 45 years old 70 years old) , consider research target nowadays and the main problem that face in the future and development condition just about.
Now already or age of the Laonian in be about to enter paragraph crowd, they basically live in new China period, those who experienced a society is queasy with the nation revitalize, experienced arrive from poverty the hardships process of development, experienced come off sentry duty of reforming and opening, emancipatory thought, go into business, go abroad leave ocean, the following feature reflected on their body:
(1) the social environment that grows as a result of them develops period at high speed, because this ideology that they fashion for a long time decided they are good at accepting newly emerging things, adaptability is stronger;
(2) often should have taken exercise conciously as a result of people, and their nutrition is good, when entering the aged phase accordingly, their body still healthy, can undertake outdoors activity regularly, some are remote journeys even, and a lot of people are outer still continue to work; Www.dolcn.com
(3) they go from the information age that high speed develops nowadays, the mobile telephone has been the one part with a lot of lively life in them, use mobile phone has made a kind of habit;
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