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Market of senile mobile telephone and product are analysed in
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(4) the pressure with their can older than was faced with once upon a time young man and woman, and as a result of the singleton female cause, children formed independent disposition as a child, busy in likelihood more be too busy to take care of parents, more solace that are accord materially.
Additional, senile mobile telephone is having more strong demand in our country in. The reason has 3: One, senile population amount is numerous in our country, and development trend is very swift and violent also; 2, at present the working life of people grows, what still pursue the job is medium senile number is numerous, and show ascendant trend of year after year; 3, also be the most important a bit, our country population is aged basically be domestic provide for the aged, come below the qualification that lacks tradition of social provide for the aged. That is to say, to the liability that patronizes an old person will be being faced most family, this and western developed country are different. Western developed country is having system of complete social provide for the aged, and the development of the difference as a result of culture and economy, the old person majority of those countries is come by the government of provide for, a lot of people when old age will need not count young man and woman, enter beadhouse however, will be in charge of their life by the government. Perhaps children or close friend are visited before the meeting is constant, perhaps won't, but this however the dietary daily life that a bit won't affect old people.
The place on put together is narrated, product of mobile telephone of the old age in be opposite is generalized with a word even if “ has demand, it is blank, and the number is numerous, development space is so great ” .
Product of senile mobile telephone needs to consider factor of a lot of respect in
Our country changes design respect to start in human nature very late, the product that be aimed at weak force group especially and designs. Mobile telephone of the old age in facing a such brand-new products, the element that needs a consideration is very much, for example, interface of function, material, man-machine, healthy environmental protection, concept. A lot of respects in the physico-chemical function of the characteristic such as this physiology with respect to the old people in asking to must consider, psychology, behavior, thinking and different material, modern science and technology and ergonomics. Take different design step in the light of different characteristic and different situation, the mobile product that just can develop true human nature change. Be like, increase as the age, the function such as vision, hearing, touch, memory ebbs gradually, these must consider inside when the design, font whether to answer again big, sound whether to answer noisier, whether does the strength of bunt clavier need readjust, remind a function to whether answer more handy or contain more content; A lot of in old people lacks communication, also need to think method takes corresponding step, whether can add certain service or a few special functions; Healthy problem to in be worth to pay close attention to very for old people, whether can add pair of health monitor or the function such as early-warning, adopt …… of automatic call measure even through judging the crisis extent of the circumstance automatically these will consider one by one henceforth. As the development of this product, a few add a function newly to also be met corresponding and unripe, these also will have effect of a few effects to the development of other product.
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