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Market of senile mobile telephone and product are analysed in
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Additional, the development of product of senile mobile telephone in be opposite, a lot of people can have various doubt. Be like, in people normally below the concept, the mobile telephone makes people associates very easily to the mobile phone. The radiation problem of the mobile phone is immediate the healthy problem of the old people in facing. Be like again, whether are some old people used on mobile telephone, perhaps abandon used idea as a result of price reason. To these problems, of the development as science and technology and people lifestyle transform gradually, will make the person is oppugned no longer. Take radiation issue for, the technology of nowadays is solved not hard already. It is the CDMA network of fascia with environmental protection mobile phone, there already was very great progress in electromagnetism radiate respect; Small well-informed ” tells “ of product of shift of another environmental protection people, the mobile telephone is OK of healthy environmental protection; Additional, whether to have minatory sex to say to the health of people to the electromagnetism radiate of GSM network, still hang in the balance up to now on international, the electromagnetic wave that floating in air is more more severe than what blast off in the mobile phone 5, very to Japanese scientist already evidence makes clear, people is already able to get used to it. Take the United States again for, nowadays the between firm of because each are big telegraphic operation competition on the market, some companies adopt the form that gives a mobile phone namely into the net to attract a customer, and the family that they can send a few mobile phones to give purchaser at the same time, and serve cost and telephone bill hold very small one share only in the income scale of American.
As the development of our country, a lot of respects will conform with international gradually, and the population that different is our country is aged development speed is the whole world is the fastest however, because this concerns an issue already too impatient to wait. The issue that should show
The mobile telephone that the old people in be designs is not paragraph or a pure one mode absolutely, and should be product of a series. The mobile telephone that middleaged person and old people use is mixed in the function the respect such as the exterior, have collective place, also have different, should with the age paragraph more meticulous divisional. On design train of thought, middleaged can pay close attention to health more with senile mobile telephone, the senile and mutual disease in be like, a lot of senile diseases from which year begin to should notice health care, precaution and observation; To children, old people is faced with middleaged support of the people to lack the issue that communicate likewise; Additionally these middleaged people are in before long also can enter old age in the future. because of these similar sexes, just put in their product 's charge for a series. But distinction exists as much, if course of study of middleaged human affairs has, more note the exterior and status show, and function of a few business affairs; And old people emphasizes particularly on in the function practical and those who use is convenient on the gender.
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