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Chinese scientist lets presbyopic glasses enter intelligent period
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A few days ago, first Zhi Zhi often can spend the whole world defend lens —— button loves comfortable come out successfully in China. This product uses the arris access with the most classical international to inspect optical principle design, of the science arc prism and convex compositive go up in lens, make first on the world gave intelligence to change presbyopic glasses piece, for the whole world presbyopic patient brought healthy good news.
Presbyopic, call on medicine often inspect. Presbyopic it is physiology ageing phenomenon, the person often must be inevitable giddily, also be not reversible turn, old beautiful symptom also can jump over the person with nicer eyesight apparent, besides adorn presbyopic glasses, have hardly other settle way. The vision of common presbyopic glasses that sells on the market at present designs a principle very primitive, become the principle that resemble through convex focusing only, the “ that finished visual job simply sees well ” , and the nature that finished a vision without give attention to two or morethings, comfortable with abiding task, wear 20 minutes or so to be about to be picked commonly. Common presbyopic glasses is faced with do not wear look not clear, wore meeting more and more see awkward situation of not clear be in a dilemma. A little inferior presbyopic glasses still can endanger the eye of people, light cause eye acid to bilge, photophobia, weep, degree is deepened ceaselessly, more punch-drunk. Cause again dazed, giddy, disgusting, have a headache, cause obstacle of insomnia, memory, mood to rise and fall even depressed termagancy and deep-seated nerve damage fluctuant, disposition sexual disease.
Button loves comfortable intelligence Laohua to defend lens also calls arris access presbyopic glasses, be a kind fight consenescence brand-newly comfortable model often inspect glasses of correctional health care, the crystalline lens that solved an eye to inspect close exercise in the round adjusts, eyeball gather, pupil shrinks put 3 person the balance of synchronous linkage concerns, its important characteristic is self-adjusting focal length, automatic match to compensate eyesight interpupillary distance, automatically, can the degree that check matchs compare common presbyopic glasses low 0.5? 1.00D, achieved control to often spend degree to rise, prevent cataract of eyestrain, precaution to form, avoid central nervous disorder the purpose with injury.
Because button loves comfortable intelligence old flower to defend lens used arris access to inspect optical lens,design a technology, realized flexibility of “ center area scorch, prism matchs automatically and the many targets such as ” of center ideal replacement, make the optical center of lens expands the stable optics that became a high quality gets used to area effectively. It enlarged this kind of vision area that inspects close glasses effectively not only, still created for the eye long comfortable, at ease vision is enjoyed. Should be in 2.5 meters of the vision only in, the focal length that the eye looks matter and interpupillary distance all can automatic flexible adjustment, loosen the ground naturally to read, write, dozen computer, do housework, busy work.
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