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Old people mobile phone applauds not draw a large audience
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Current, increasing the mobile phone that has high-end function and original design swarms into the market in succession, regretful is, in these multifarious mobile phones, we find a mobile phone that suits old people to use truly very hard however. Fill telecommunication to seek advice from issuance report to show according to Nuo, market of Chinese mobile phone already broke through 100 million 2006, china becomes the big state of mobile phone sales volume of be worthy of the name. Meanwhile, predict to 2010 population of Chinese the aged will be amounted to 160 million, 12% what hold population sum total about. Analyse from this, the foreground of market of old people mobile phone is very considerable still. However, after the reporter is investigated, discover however, although consumer is right the demand of old people mobile phone is clear, but mobile phone manufacturer, mobile phone specializes in an orgnaization to this however interest is very few, market of old people mobile phone appeared to applaud not the awkward situation of draw a large audience.
Consumer: Pursuit is solid use and use a sex easily
When interviewing, a famous communication sells the general manager of market control department of field to laughing to tell a reporter, the grandmother that this one concept still is him unexpectedly tells ” of mobile phone of “ old people him. “ a respectful form of address for an old person sees from newspaper have old people mobile phone, ask where I have those who sell then, want to buy to use. And I do this technically to go namely, do not know to have this kind of mobile phone however, really ashamed. ” probably, this explained from another flank old people mobile phone still belongs to “ an unexpected winner at present the current situation of ” . So, what kind of mobile phone does old people need after all? For this, reporter specially interviewed a few senile friends beside.
Ms. Zhao (55 years old, emeritus) is in the home: The premise that I pick a mobile phone is: Font big, operation is simple. The main activity place after retiring with respect to 3 place in Home —— , supermarket market and park. The bell sound of my hope mobile phone the voice when communicating is a few bigger, a few bigger. Because of me when outdoors, always listen to less than in the mobile phone ring in satchel putting, although put through hind, it is not clear that I also listen, the voice that always feels the other side talks is small.
Thank a gentleman (71 years old, have oneself company) : I should get online with the mobile phone everyday watch news, watch stock news, online rate of hope mobile phone is so rapid. On holidays, I should give close friends group hair short message, so hand confidential has this function. I won't Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, so need mobile phone has the handwritten function of be convenient to use. ” of operation of “ single bond and function of ” of “ speech recognition are very main, sometimes I am driving a car, speak ” of full name of a “ to the mobile phone, it is best with respect to can automatic v the phone of this individual.
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