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Old people mobile phone applauds not draw a large audience
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Announce gentleman (57 years old, the university teachs) : My requirement mobile phone must screen style is big, old. Used so much mobile phone, think the style of SamSung mobile phone is old, CDMA mobile phone is general style is old. Old people follows the main demand of average user to be accorded with basically, bide his time namely time is long, do not need complex function. Speech function also is good with, for instance key-press of some mobile phones can numerate at the same time the number comes.
Cropland lady (62 years old, return hire expert) : Just retired to be returned again hired a factory to become technical adviser, as multi-purpose as the colleague phone or short message connection, short message of youth love hair consults technical issue or send a festival beatific signal especially, my eyes is bad, if there is speech to recite a function on the mobile phone very convenient, the MOTO A760 that I use can read the short message “ that receives ” comes out, this design is good. Additional, had better have urgent call function, in case come on suddenly, bolt by only can inform family or emergency treatment center for a short while, such function is the most important.
The reporter summed up a few gist of function of machine of senile consumer adversary to beg: Font big, screen key-press is big, big and volume of big, earphone is clear, bide one's time time is long, had better have such as Acousticon, handwritten identifying again, speech is recited, one key is urgent the function such as call is closer. Although consumer is right the technical demand of function of old people mobile phone is not high, but the reporter discovers however when bazaar of news report of capital much home is visited, cannot find old people mobile phone almost, much home sells the staff member of field to express, had not heard of have old people mobile phone this concept.
Manufacturer: Majority participates in manufacturing research and development innocently
Old people mobile phone in the market difficult target-seeking reason, should search above all from maker one party. As we have learned, at present manufacturer of only and individual mobile phone participated in an old person the research and development of product of special mobile phone. The reporter in interviewing discovers, these manufacturers are to the reaction of market of old people mobile phone, although somewhat sortie, but the type photograph of subordinate and as other as the brand series is compared, production of old people mobile phone is occupied only very few one part scale. Sea Er mobile phone is at the beginning of 2006 the mobile phone Z300 that rolled out to be designed technically for old people. Qiao Qingfeng of manager of client of mobile phone of area of sea Er Beijing tells a reporter, this machine characteristic is screen shows style is old, have function of one key call. Qiao Qingfeng says: “ this old people is special after the mobile phone appears on the market very popular, the reason of sell like hot cakes basically is a function practical. ” introduces according to him, sea Er can roll out old people mobile phone every year or a few mobile phone model that fit old people to use, but did not achieve dimensions to change operational rate to the development of this domain.
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