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Old people mobile phone applauds not draw a large audience
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To this, the mobile phone that alls alone brand of love mobile phone will suit old people to use returns in labelling product of set of level of the introduction below the banner. All alone loves Wang Shanqi of vice president of Chinese company market to express, begin from 2005, all alone loves devoted on product line of introductory class mobile phone cost, strengthen its to popularize strength. Gu Ming of this company senior manager says when accepting a reporter to interview: “ is current, all alone loves a brand to not was the mobile phone product of old people research and development technically, but the special demand that we pay close attention to machine of similar crowd adversary very much. ” is told according to him, the crowd that all alone loves to be operated to take basic function seriously, nostalgic model the customer with crowd and big age designed 4 model technically, just appeared on the market a few days ago. These “ introductions form product is compact use easily, have batteries of big character body, big key-press, big ring, high capacity to wait for a characteristic, these also are the focal points that old people mobile phone considers when the design. ” his explanation says.
And all express Nuojiya, Motolora to do not have product of specialized old people mobile phone, but having a lot of type is to suit old people to use quite. In the light of manufacturer people all sorts of saying word, when the reason that examine minutely when the reporter its are done not have or manufactures old people mobile telephone rarely, mobile phone manufacturer did not give too much front the response, market of general explanation much apt locates the problem be caused by such as profit of different, cost.
Sea Er Z300
Super- big screen, super- big character body, super- dial key, train in excess specified length bides his time greatly time, the “ of sea Er Z300 3 grow ” characteristic to be old people design technically greatly, it is the old people mobile phone with the not at present much amount to on the market. This machine design is contracted, bide one's time time has 360 hours, can contain 500 telephone number, can save 200 short messages, although ring has 16 chord only, but penetration is especially strong, the old person that fits hard of hearing is used. Clavier respect, in 3, 6, special mark is set respectively on 9 key, long by can dial directly 110, the 120 filial number that mix to had been installed beforehand, because the design is unique, this engine is so-called it is ” of mobile phone of old person of “ of domestic head money.
All alone loves J110c, K220c
A few days ago, all alone loved to roll out “ of mobile phone of class of a few introductions brief · arranges ” series. Used like body of big character of —— of function of 5“ big ” , big key-press, big ring and high capacity cell by consumer, big short message and telephone directory store, basically face like to use the group that communicates means simply. J110c has to exceed the key-press with big clavier and good tactile impression, independent large menu cooperates the number shows greatly and one-way enter, only guide gives a function, let an user become unusually relaxed in the navigation process between menu. The biggest bide one's time time is 400 hours, still can store at the same time 200 telephone directory and 100 short messages. K220c supports radio of RDS frequency modulation, the user can switch to favorite broadcasting station channel quickly, HPM-64 of dual track earphone, convenient user listens to a program. K220c supports loudhailer, the user can pass mobile phone loudhailer will put outside radio program.
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