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Old people mobile phone applauds not draw a large audience
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Nuojiya 1112
This type is NOKIA prior machine of an introduction level child, airframe design is contracted, two side do not have airframe any auxiliary key-press, charger and earphone interface are put to be in by groovy sex ground airframe is bottom. Qualitative clavier of soft plastic material is durable the gender is good, the feel when using even keyboard of form of characters or letters is comfortable. Use 3 Yang Shengkong and 20 chord ring, there still are two Yang Shengkong to phonate with coping on the right side of the mobile phone, ring penetration is good. Buy incoming telegram is avoided inside disturb a function, can filter rubbish short message. Compare from omnibus price look, suit old people to use quite.
Sell: Without appropriative, can recommend only applicable
So, does the chain store that specializes in mobile phone commodity, communication sell be how of market of mobile phone of look upon old people? The reporter interviewed a few to sell the relevant controller of field, gotten verdict is: Have really one part consumer seeks advice and want to buy the mobile phone that suits old people to use quite, it serves to show has certain market space; mobile phone of the old people on the market is very few, main reason is to produce this kind of engine child profit and the profit photograph that produce popular model are compared not tall. To this, bazaar of dispatch of the telegram in reply in Beijing manages an analysis of Hu Zong manager to say, in the choose and buy will suit the consumer of the mobile phone that old people uses before, the person age of 80% is in 25 years old - 40 years old between, they pick a mobile phone for parents and kin, and the old people that kisses self-invited inn to buy a mobile phone occupies this to consume a group about 20% to 30% . “ ordinarily, this one market still has demand, but do not have old people almost at present special mobile phone. Actually, research and development is not a problem, do not go after because of old people mobile phone high-powered with professional, ask versatility is mixed only use a sex easily, the key is production a such mobile phone profit is inferior, rather he advocate hit the business affairs, recreation, vogue type photograph that sells a site to compare, profit space difference is not little. Director of ” Hu Zong says.
Beijing enlighten letter electrify dispatch expresses about chief Li Hongtao, the mobile phone that suits old people to use is in what this inn holds proportion in whole commodity sale not tall, basically be the true old people mobile phone on the market very few, also two, 3 appearance. He says: “ is individual function suits old people to use for the most part, recommend the customer that needs such mobile phones then, for instance Nuojiya 1112 and the type of sky series, screen big, font volume of big, earphone big, price is substantial, these characteristics suit old people to use. ”
Expert: Stick to his argument to market view
Applaud in the light of market of old people mobile phone not the circumstance of draw a large audience, personage of the analysis inside course of study thinks, although the purchasing power of senile consumption group can develop to promote and increase quickly of the level as economy, but its purchasing power is far still not as good as the consumptive group such as personage of office worker, business affairs, the gain that scores from which because of this businessman is relatively inferior also, generator nature does not value this one market. Have expert proposal, have old people mobile phone those who consume a concept pack, advocate hit ” of card of “ give sb a present, children of the youth in can be being attracted so is parents and choose and buy of relatives and friends this kind of mobile phone, let old people mobile phone touch Chinese traditional “ the light of filial culture ” , this action is worth to draw lessons from. A stylist of Motolora tells a reporter, investigate discovery via them, old people mobile phone is not confined to a big key-press, a somes big font, the mood element of consumer also is one of content that the consideration wants when the design, have in old people mobile phone of abroad for instance take medicine remind, the function such as Acousticon, magnifier; He thinks, on these designs sell a dot to be able to be reflected more the personal consideration that gives pair of old people and take care of.
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