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Chinese what city is appropriate provide for the aged?
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In home, a lot of old people had animaled farm no longer at local born and bred home town, choose to suit natural span of life of oneself local take care of oneself most however. So, what city does China have appropriate provide for the aged?
   ○ Qingdao: Favourable policy old person is happy

One senile apartment exterior of Qingdao city.

Shandong Qingdao is one suits the mankind to live, the city that makes person health macrobian.
The environment here is good, the service is good, wholesome it may not be a bad idea. From July 14 occupy comes, a many month, very comfortable, very happy also. ” is south colour of Shandong Qingdao blessing hill beadhouse, wang Shusong old person of 78 years old and his old partner Li Zhenyu thinks, hill beadhouse is the good place of a provide for the aged south. Since 2002, qingdao the Chinese system of weights and measures published the whole nation surely the first " establishment of social welfare of Qingdao city town sets special program " , the overall frame that provide for the aged serves course of study to bring into a city to build, a series of favourable policy promoted the rapid development of career of provide for the aged.

Liu Chaoxia tells vice president of group of provide for the aged of colour of Qingdao city blessing the reporter, apartment of old age of grade of apartment of the apartment of old age of Na Jiushui grade that group place belongs to, Zhenjiang grade old age, Nanchang and south hill beadhouse, collect rehabilitation of recreational, education, recreation, medical treatment, love nurses, the travel that occupy the home at an organic whole, for the old person natural span of life of take care of oneself offerred establishment of high quality Wu of recreational environment kimono. The reporter is in south hill beadhouse sees, big, cubby has level of 5 stars grade inside the courtyard, better recreational center, love nurses inside the courtyard sweet all the more. Medical treatment outpatient service, cafeteria, piano was set inside the courtyard the place such as arena of spiccato room, literary performance and ball catch, badminton, billiards, mahjong, playing cards, chess, still set the religious belief room of different belief. Bathe here, rub back, pedicure, massage, tonsorial etc, most project is free.
Qingdao citizen political situation expresses about chief, the favourable policy that Qingdao city rolls out has: Derate is relevant charge policy, enjoy a dweller to collect fees policy, taxation privilege policy, enjoy medical treatment to nod unit policy and capital to aid financially policy surely. Up to by this year July, qingdao urban district has provide for the aged to serve an orgnaization 107 place, gross of bed of provide for the aged increases many pieces 9180, 1000 old people have bed digit to achieve 32 pieces.
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