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Husband and wife of 8 a period of ten days joins in accompany talk about a team
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Community of Dong Lai of Harbin city Dong Lai agency has a Party member to accompany talk about a team, it is empty nest old person, ill incomplete old person and domestic misfortune old person technically to offer mental solace. This accompanies the old husband and wife that there are two 80 advanced ages in talking about a team, they are Gao Changhuai and Zhang Meilan, here two old people began to support deficient aid the happy life of tired, good intentions.
Neighbour Ding Shuqin is painful the take to one's bed and never leave it again after breaking fondling, gao Changhuai and Zhang Meilan assume a heavy responsibility that takes care of Ding Shuqin actively, reach Home Ding Daniang regularly channel she, comfort her, take care of her, make from spirit she casts off funeral as soon as possible on one hand child painful, establish the hope that had the life afresh; Take care of the Ding Daniang that cannot provide for oneself from the life on the other hand, solved Ding Daniang trouble back at home. After Ding Daniang's son dies, two old people come to Home Ding Daniang, accompany her to chat everyday, help her do chore, serve the toilet on her, often still do various nutrient cate to her. Below the help of two old people, the Ding Daniang nowadays is established afresh already had hopeful state of mind, and the body also has greatly improve.
Such thing nowadays already is without number, make Gao Changhuai and Zhang Meilan old two became Zun Lin right the intimate person that abandon, big family letter holds the post of them, respect them, also regarded them as family the adhesive of harmony of harmonious, neighborhood. Two old people also are to be very happy with it to this, they express: Want them to return only can activity a day, the neighbour that they are about to be Dong Lai community people do a day of good work

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