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Man by by accident examine accuses a hospital to obtain compensate for lung canc
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Knowing lung cancer is by accident examine family is immersed in bitterness in

After the Spring Festival passed 2002, because abdomen is unwell,original body holds out the Li Chengyou of good Shandong all the time, cough bosom comes to a hospital of local see a doctor frowzily, the doctor says bad diagnose at that time, suggest to provincial capital large hospital observes cure. Li Xian country hears the eldest son here, first at a draught big, father after all how, original body is very good all the time, won't have what a serious illness. Li Xian country is taking father to drive Jinan to institute of a prevention and cure at once the following day, dealt with formalities of be in hospital that day, check via hospital lung puncture the following day, examine doubtful scale cancer cell. Father got cancer really, li Xian country dare not believe his eye, also did not tell father. Li Chengyou tells a reporter, he although cough a bit,the bosom covers tightly at that time, but can eat can drink can sleep, did not regard as important matter, lived in provincial capital after a week, he says to take bit of drug to the son, come home, oneself nursery stock business cannot be delayed.
After coming home, li Chengyou takes medicine in the home cure, but the symptom was not reduced. He came to a polyclinic of place check cure again in July 2002. Li Chengyou's eldest son tells a reporter, tell him through checking a hospital, the old person got lung cancer, need hospitalization, if change cure effectual word, the time that still can live is a bit longer, if do not clutch,treat, also can open half an year much. The son told two his younger sister's husband the circumstance at once, the maternal age that thinks of oneself is old also, he also dare not tell a mother the illness. With respect to such fighting that Li Chengyou began him cancer is treated.

The world does not have windtight wall, careful Li Chengyou still knew his patient's condition later. Treat to go to the lavatory later, the courtyard just suggests Li Chengyou gives or take an injection to the hospital on the town. Cheng Xiuying tells Li Chengyou's old partner the reporter, when just beginning to give or take an injection to the town, stubborn Laoli is afraid that the trade that delays children is mixed agronomic, go by bicycle with respect to oneself. Can have disappeared all the time later, so he 75 kilograms, so thin that still be less than 60 kilograms, on foot not agile also, must let the child pulling him with the car later.

2004, body worse and worse of Laoli, double leg does not have an effort, go in the evening the toilet also wants an old partner to help. His eldest son says to the reporter, the old person eats not to go into the thing at that time, conversation is a bit difficult, the family is special fear. One day, laoli calls the eldest son technically to the side to say to him, if one day I went, bury me to your grandfather grace mound around, want good good give presents your mother. That one night, country of eldest son Li Xian cried secretly.
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