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Man by by accident examine accuses a hospital to obtain compensate for lung canc
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Final diagnose tuberculosis recovers two months happy event making a person

In June 2004, weather began to heat up rise. An assistant dean is opposite the hospital on the town old Li Shui, time of your this cure is not short, also had disappeared, how was the hair also dropped, a bit strange, still check an examination to provincial capital large hospital again, look really bad also with respect to give up the idea forever.

Cherishing a gleam of hope, country of son Li Xian and younger sister's husband are taking father to come to provincial capital again. Via Shandong university the hospital checks Qi Lu, the result let a family be stupefied. The doctor of the hospital tells Li Xian the state, saying what his father suffers from is tuberculosis. Be true? Li Xian country dare not believe his ear, see the doctor's certain eyes, li Xian country is glad bad, call at once told mother and little sister, also take care of father at once. After hearing this one news, old Li Ye grew at a heat, showed long-unseen smile.

After two days, old Li You turns to treat tuberculosis hospital of more professional the division that save a bosom, in hospital of the division that save a bosom Laoli passes a system fight n/med tuberculosis cure, protect liver, fight phlogistic, very fast illness got improving, complexion also restored long-unseen ruddy. In the old partner makings of all understand without being told falls, through cure of 74 days, laoli rehabilitation left hospital.

Accuse a hospital by accident it is difficult that examine obtains compensate 5 years to suffer be pacified

Laoli also is “ celebrity ” in the village around, very fast the message that he recovers is in around get about. Laoli says to the reporter, oneself leave hospital much half an year, the prefectural hospital that see a doctor and hospital of villages and towns did not hear a news impossibly, if the hospital connects an apology, can do not have. Laoli tells a reporter, those two years are much, he sees a doctor cost ten yuan, some are accumulated in his home, children people filial also, too much difficulty is done not have on money, if average peasant family, do not know to wanted to borrow how many times. The key is he and children people pharynx does not issue this note, he meets with so great pain, must denounce a view.

Then, had not hit the Laoli of lawsuit all one's life, found a lawyer for the first time. Law case is very fast put on record. Mixed in August 2006 in April 2007, society of medical service of aid peaceful city and province medicine can are opposite early or late this medical treatment by accident examine incident make identification, and appraisal is 4 class unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment, the courtyard just assumes main responsibility.

This year on August 10, via cognizance of local court first instance, this origin by accident the case of compensation of medical treatment dispute that examine causes had first instance result. After the court is tried, think, the institute of this prevention and cure of Jinan diagnoses a mistake, should bear main responsibility, prefectural hospital of place and hospital of villages and towns also should assume due responsibility, try an accuser of compensation of 3 medical establishment Mr Li 62000 multivariate.
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