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75 years old of old people are by abnormality employ volunteer
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A few days ago, ever was the service of the wounded of Tang Shan earthquake, Zhengzhou city that is 75 years old in those days Xue Yueqing old person, be served for disaster area the wounded for “ by abnormality employ volunteer ” .
32 years ago, after earth shake produces Tang Shan, large quantities of the wounded turn to Zhengzhou cure, the Xue that is worth prime of life at that time often contacted several volunteers to be flapjack of seismic the wounded, wash the dress. Nowadays, the old person sees from TV shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River causes several brethrens casualty again, her tear stops not the dwelling place flows outside, determination continues to produce more than heat for disaster area people. She comes to hospital of Zhengzhou city orthopaedics on a special trip, requirement redo a volunteer, serve for the wounded of seismic disaster area.

The rough every of the old person is experienced, touched present holder, via the volunteer the organization is in charge of a branch consultative, old person of Xue Yueqing of decision abnormality employ is a volunteer. In the day henceforth, she comprehends the life that accumulates all one's life with oneself, the adolescent of injury giving cure does psychology to coach.

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