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"Super- simple " the mobile phone razzias American market
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"Green, gules, yellow. " have these 3 key-press only " super- simple " the mobile phone is razziaing American market. Using the senile layer with sophisticated very difficult machine is the key consumer of this mobile phone.

Press gules key-press, can dial urgent deliverance telephone " 911 " , press green key-press can receive an operator, after speaking the telephone number that wants to dial, can put through. Maize key-press is to put through a kind of shortcut key of the telephone number that often uses madam, children at ordinary times.

" commercial weekly publication " report: "After only the contracted mobile phone of 3 key-press appeared in American market last year, get the reception of consumer fully. Although mobile phone market has achieved saturated status, but the target points to a number to amount to the baby boom generation of 100 million (American senile layer) the strategy special be successful. But the target points to a number to amount to the baby boom generation of 100 million (American senile layer) the strategy special be successful..

The name of this mobile phone is " Jitterbug " , it is SamSung electron and American mobile company " Greatcall " the mobile telephone that collaboration manufactures. With 20 centuries the gregarious dance of whole world of 30 time fashionable (" Jiteba " , say again " Jiluba " ) the name names for this mobile phone, the purpose is to evoke the memory that has senile layer.

This kind points to the target the argent commodity of the senile population that increases ceaselessly and service caused tremendous echo in world each country.

With rice cooker of elephant card report famed Japanese elephant imprints (ZOZIRUSHI) the company is mixed to electric rice cooker the home appliance product such as jug is offerred " set one's mind at hot line " service. Serving content is, the parents that lives far below the record uses the time of home appliance product, on the computer that sends message in time children or mobile phone. Carry this kind of kind, children people what can affirm parents at any time and place is restful. Service fee of every months amounts to 30 thousand Han about yuan.

In the meantime, of Spain " Ballesol group " still built the establishment of recuperate of 5 stars class that offers to be full of an old person only. Should nod only one below, doctor and nutrient division can run immediately. Each living charge of every months is 2.5 million Han yuan, sale of a year amounts to 70 billion Han yuan.

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