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Financial data unscrambled the Central Bank in Feburary: Monetary credit from cl
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Guo Taijun brings negotiable securities senior analyst Lin Chaohui thinks, the long term loan in the enterprise grew impetus in Feburary still more remarkable, macroscopical economy still may be in more powerful growth position, because this did not come,constrictive monetary policy will still retain corresponding strength. Combine CPI innovation tall element, the Central Bank was started March likely add first this year breath, and deposit adds breath extent to should be more than loan to increase breath scope.
Golden company chief economist breaths out afterwards inscription to think in, credit, money double fall should maintain go down to still face a few difficulty. Look from the angle that controls inflation, want to continue to carry out from tight monetary policy. He thinks to add cease to still have a space, appreciate to also can be accelerated further, credit control also should last. More important is, should coordinate monetary policy, relax finance policy, increase the allowance of pair of low income estate, reduce inflation to be damaged to theirs.
Lu Zheng appoint think, compare interest rate policy, at present amount tool to controlling inflation more get effect instantly. And in amount tool, look from flexibility, the tool such as ticket of credit control, directional center tool of excel deposit reserve.

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