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Chengdu old person encounters difficult problem extraction a money
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Before before long, sichuan province the Chengdu City is lived in grind child the Liao Laotai near the bridge too encountered it is difficult to take a money unprecedentedly. She what get pension with bankbook all along, be accused suddenly by the bank, bankbook already disuse, reassume money must want to get stuck with the bank after, this but urgent bad deserted mother-in-law...

  Old person experience

  "The bank blocks us to dare be not used "

A few days ago, some media of Sichuan province the Chengdu City received Liao Laotai too appeal phone. Deserted the old lady says, she is emeritus already, before one paragraph is informed by the unit, pension can be hit in the credit card that builds a bank later. Then, deserted the old lady hastens the bank card that takes a hair to put wage goes doing deposit book. But she ran,site of a lot of bank does not give do. Bank clerk tells her, bankbook already out of service.

This lets Liao Laotai too very panicky. She says, I am aged, won't use bank card, won't use machine extraction a money more, used deposit book of a few years, stopped how suddenly to deal with, how can I take money later?

Mention the use of bank card, deserted mother-in-law is very disturbed: "Insert card into the machine, always fear it is retreated do not come out, return concern to press a fault number. And bankbook is operate on bar, how many money can show a number, in sensory heart very dependable. " she hopes to build a bank to be able to continue to be offerred to old people convenient, for old people enlightened bankbook serves.

   Bank response

  Bankbook of out of service is in-house regulation

To this matter, this city builds the explanation of a staff member of bank client service center to say, began on May 29 from this year, construction bank already stopped the conduction of bankbook in the business site of Chengdu. The reason of refer close down, his explanation says, this is the regulation of bank interior, it is to encourage everybody to use bank card, "Have ATM opportunity everywhere (automatic ATM) , take a paragraph to go to the lavatory. Take a paragraph to go to the lavatory..

Mention old people to use a bank to block the problem that feels disadvantageous, this staff member says, the old person feels no-go really, can make an appointment with basic level site first conduction bankbook, make an appointment the site gets deposit book to province branch again, pass two days to be able to be dealt with again. But the staff member of some subbranch of a bank weighs Construction Bank Chengdu however, did not hear of make an appointment this thing, do not conduct bankbook business.

   Each view

  Disappear assist: Encroach free option

"The bank should value the option of consumer. " the Chengdu City disappear of area of bright and beautiful river assist after secretary-general is informed this one case, say. He thinks, since bank card wants collection year cost, that belongs to consumptive item. But, the bank balks supply free deposit book to the client, this encroached the free option of consumer apparently. Because " consumer rights and interests protects a law " specific provision, consumer enjoys the right that trades fairly, authority obtains the condition that trades fairly, of the person that have camp of authority refus menopause trade compulsively, compulsive spending behavior. "A lot of old people use be used to bankbook, the bank is used to besides the deposit that should respect old people, offer as far as possible for them convenient besides, return the option that should value them. Return the option that should value them..
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