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"Harbin old mom " meet
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12 days, 6 once had brought up Japan to stay China orphan Harbin old mom gets together again, each other collective experience, the mother love with big gain is shown loving care for, let these old mom the heart is interlinked.
The old person of square beautiful Zhi that lives in apartment of science and technology of area of the hillock austral Harbin city this year 81 years old, mention adopt in those days that one act of Japanese orphan, old person remain fresh in one's memory: In December 1945, fang Xiuzhi of 17 years old just married one year, listen to neighbour to say to die in one's bed of woman of a Japan is in refugee place, stay one female two male 3 children, two big already was adopted, auspicious of great of black wood of 4 years old of boys from beginning to end nobody take sb in, she follows neighbour to see this child, at that time, little face of auspicious of black wood great is dirty, dripping drivel, aspic gets shrink into oneself. Fang Xiuzhi is softhearted, get the child come home, virtuous man did not blame her, still name to the child call Yang Songsen. 1992, yang Songsen follows the elder sister returns Japan and family member to reunite. Nowadays, japanese son writes a letter to Fang Xiuzhi every time, call, reveal the desire that wants to return Chinese provide for the aged. Yang Songsen says, there is his home on the land of Chinese northeast, have the Chinese Mom that lets him be repaid hard forever.
Like Fang Xiuzhi, these octogenarian Die old people such as Li Shulan of 81 years old, Sha Xiuqing of 82 years old once had adopted by the children of Japanese abandon. After these Japanese children answer Japan, harbin Japan stays China party of orphan foster parent conducts couplet friendship activity every year regularly, the old person that has brought up Japanese orphan for these builds the platform that face of for the purpose of communicates. Yesterday, heilongjiang saved the Red Cross to undertake for these 6 old mom the body is checked, invite them to be visited to sun island park, arboretum. Meet again, a few old mom or cannot attend because of body reason, or had left the world, your myriad of old people deep feeling.
The Wang Xiaohua's minister that specially drives the Chinese Red Cross of Harbin to total meeting Liaison Division from Beijing says, in those days Japanese aggressive China, the heinous crime that commits left permanent scar to the Chinese, but return good for evil of mother of a lot of China, although be in China the hardest years, still withstand pressure leaves Japan China orphan is brought up big, the mother love with this kind of big gain, the Japanese children that also lets them is affected. Nowadays, these Japanese orphan go back to the motherland after settling, became promote Sino-Japanese and friendly fundamental strength.
Stay according to Harbin Japan China Shi Jinjie of secretary-general of party of orphan foster parent introduces, the Japanese orphan that walks out of from Harbin has 150 more than person, have 4 people through affirming what still stay in Harbin, in the foster parent of these orphan, still be still living and in good health have 11 people only.
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