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"Go vacationing base of type provide for the aged " head now " long triangle "
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A kind of union is recreational agriculture is arisen " go vacationing base of type provide for the aged " appear in long triangle area.
Some group company shows the Shanghai that is engaged in chain of zoology provide for the aged managing recently, the group is in Jiangsu too the build inside contemporary agriculture garden is in the storehouse recreational agriculture base, extending " go vacationing type " provide for the aged serves, plan to establish chain pattern in long triangle area, carry out " different ground changes room, one cartoon to go " .
According to relevant expert analysis, as China many big cities are entered in succession " the aged society " , the problem of provide for the aged of old people dash forward show. At present means of provide for the aged basically is " filial provide for the aged " with welfare courtyard provide for the aged two kinds of mode. Compare with the affection of old people and life demand bearing, relatively narrow provide for the aged chooses hard satisfactory.
The personage inside course of study says, at present recreational agriculture develops in long triangle area rapid, "Farmhouse is happy " a travels to already became oppidan holiday to travel choice of type. These recreational agriculture base are when travel is off-season, meal, accommodation and recreational establishment often are in unused condition. These resource can be used rise, attract the old people in the city to come round, offer to them go vacationing the provide for the aged of type serves.
Jiangsu too the recreational agriculture base of the storehouse, those who have duck of earth of chicken of vegetable of melon and fruit, earth is picked sample service, also have the requirement of accommodation. When travel is off-season, the old people in the city wants to cost regular price only 1/5 the left and right sides, can go vacationing at the same time to recreational agriculture base, at the same time provide for the aged. Arrived travel busy season, old people can answer city and family to reunite.
The expert thinks, this kind lies fallow go vacationing type provide for the aged, chain can be formed to manage mode in long triangle area. Chain base can execute the service of room of different land exchange, one cartoon goes. Such old people " go vacationing provide for the aged " content is richer.

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