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The hydrotherapy that old people disabled uses massages bath crock
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Ground of sex of innovation of disabled bath crock offers a door, you can walk into bath crock and need not have straddled crock fence, quite convenient, safe. Open the door, go in, close the door, everything is so simple.
Watertight door is lifelong guarantee
Cut hydrostatics technology makes sure watertight door is sealed any attaint are not had in be used for years. Never need any special keep an eye on and safeguard, this is a kind very original and very simple means of settlement. If the door seals fluid sealant need changes, it is completely possible to safe bath crock, and do not require any cost.
Perch sits chair is OK cozily bath
Circle protruding, highest 350mnm. For better bubble bath, the deepness of disabled bath crock is times more than general bath crock, it is real wet bath unit. Can better more comfortable land bathes.
Special place, more is enjoyed
Vortical current function lets your bath crock become hot spring, the vortical function that can offer an alternative turns independent bath crock into a recreational recuperate hot spring, the muscle that loosens exhaustion and adjust of the whole body unwell. After the brigade that the wet bath that has experienced such warmth when you and vortical current massage, you are met very expect have such enjoyment again.
Apply to shower
Disabled bath crock has high quality, wall outfit type and hand take type flower to asperse. When bathing, sit on the chair or standing to use it to be able to feel very Shu Xin is very safe.
Comfortable, safe, convenient, high quality
Rail of outfit type safety is mixed inside prevent slippery floor
The safety of buy protected column to increase Wei Yu's security inside, and special prevent slippery floor to make your mood more stable be at ease. Every detail of this bath crock is safety and convenient sex design the basis distinctly.
Exceed large door lock
Each when disabled bath crock designs are for comfortable and convenient, the person that teardrop door lock allows those difficulty that lock up the door even very easily lock door. This device suits to anybody is used and can be adjusted easily. You are met very the design that admires this product human nature to change.
Serve for a long time for you
Design the expert design with the famousest domain by crock of the bath on the world, any parts, from steel wearing the structure has top quality to watertight door, can let a person be enjoyed calmly. Withstand is used for a long time and can extremely with stainless steel device brassily why attaint.
Muscle ache, nervous all is far from
Drive walks along ailment and anguish
After everybody was bathing, can feel good almost. . Independent bath crock can let you break up general ache. After the deepness bath that passes disabled bath crock, you will discover him condition has why to differ.
The good news of arthritic ill patient
A warm and comfortable Wen Yu, have favorable effect to treating arthritis and other disease to be met. because disabled bath jar can be very simple very use surely, those who let you meet more going to that enjoy bath is happy and the beauty that enjoys health.
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