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Japanese toy business, game business is zealous in senile product development
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As Japanese baby tide generation enters emeritus age, phenomenon of social occurrence aging of population, the health of body and mind of middleaged person and better gets attention fully, bring giant business chance for computer and TV game line of business. Now not only the youth indulges electronic game, the significant consumption company that old generation also becomes this kind of game with each passing day group. Have see reach this, development business and press roll out toy manufacturer, software to be the product that test and exciting head ministry ponder over and game only in succession, the hope is attracted old one generation shows appreciation for sb. Although integral toy sales volume dropped 2004, sale of Dan Yizhi toy still is climbed litre 7.4% .
World fine (SegaToys) is new the BrainTrainer mental training that roll out implement span age limit, get consumer reception greatly. From October 2005 since face city, already work off exceeds 200 thousand.
It is Ren Tiantang only (two when Nintendo) carries sport plane NintendoDS and set mental game also suffer fully chase after hold in both hands, work off already parted since face city in May 2005 oneself 500 thousand. New power (the plane of PlayStationPortable(PSP) portable sport of Sony) also catchs this kind of trend, develop a generation fine the software of BrainTrainerPortable.
Train mental tide to have no the evidence that drop it seems that, be engaged in seeking advice, resource of self-help, manpower and the company that run business roll out concerned service in succession, assist a client to improve cerebral ministry to think, thereby strengthens a speech, pass the skill such as meaning or management.
In addition, the TV program with mental training and writer hold scholastic RyutaKawashima concurrently to advertise this kind of training publicly also market of exciting and mental game adds conduce litre. Kawashima concerns the composing TrainingYourBrain:F that adult head ministry trainsSince OrAdults was rolled out in November 2003 oneself, already work off exceeds 2 million.

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