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Sound accuses wheelchair: Physical disabilities personage also can free " walk "
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Our country shares deformity of existence of limbs of nearly 9 million people at present, daily activity should rely on a lot of people in them others is pushing wheelchair, the life is very no-go. Nevertheless, there is a good news now, india developed wheelchair of pilot of speech of a kind of support, sit the disabled of this kind of wheelchair wants dehisce conversation only, can direct wheelchair to walk footloosely.
Sound of the “ that compare Nai accuses ” wheelchair contriver: We made an investigation, the patient that discovers limb is paralytic needs “ sound to accuse ” wheelchair very much. As a result of paralytic, their limb is not active play.
And this machine wheelchair that they design is contented limb paralytic namely people of need. The patient can issue an instruction to come in the office and home through giving wheelchair loose-jointed, and the help that does not need others. This kind of wheelchair is the India that reads a project by 5 big 2 students design, sound accuses a technology to rely on Microsoft frequency software. Wheelchair contains two engine, can accept a statement with personal computer join.

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