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[Graph article] solar energy is electric wheelchair: Super- you imagine
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Live in Australian Bob Triming not quite satisfactory the electric wheelchair that he generates electricity with batteries originally, so he did the thing that the person of every meeting DIY can do- - change one's costume or dress wheelchair, he installs a solar energy to generate electricity on wheelchair system. This generates electricity system by two solar energy that can produce 20 made of baked clay electric power board composition, besides the electric power that can provide wheelchair itself place to need (24 tile) outside, return when sunshine but additional the electric power that provides 30 minutes, when raining, also can regard as block canopy is used.
Mention solar energy, also should mention glow diode of course (LED) ! Bob reachs rear outfit in the two side of wheelchair LED bulb, with n few, the visibility that also can increase wheelchair and drive a vehicle are safe. Had this solar energy to generate electricity wheelchair, I think Bob should not blame his wheelchair again!

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