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[Graph article] in the good news mobile phone of senile user is special microsco
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Serve as portable apparatus, how making oneself product more frivolous is the target that the mobile phone makes manufacturer place go after all the time. To a few go up the user of grade, reading the literal news on mobile phone screen is a very hard thing apparently, how can making they cast off such worry is the mobile phone makes a manufacturer treat the problem that solve urgently. But what make the screen of a mobile phone impossibly again is very big, if be really such, so inevitable meeting is short of lose portable sex, issue the settlement with OK and very good microscope in such circumstance so this one problem. a kind of such products that have specific aim very much were announced a few days ago, confuse you model microscope uses the text information that reads a mobile phone to go up, can magnify 15 times. This to senile user character is a good news undoubtedly.

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