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[Graph article] match 3 key Jitterbug to roll out new fund old person only speci
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The mobile phone can say on the function now is to becoming more and more powerful, through the mobile phone you besides can go to the lavatory so that undertake communicating with family friend beyond still can use a mobile phone to take a picture, hear music, see a movie and get online browse etc. Although these functions are very powerful, but again strong again the function of cruel to one part person basically be basic not need, the senile people that for instance population base is becoming bigger and bigger now, to these users the mobile phone basically has a function to call namely then only, or now and then hair post a letter ceases. To can satisfy the requirement of this part user accordingly a company that the name is Jitterbug was aimed at these old people users technically to roll out below this old people is special mobile phone.
Produce from what we can see this mobile phone on the picture the manufacturer should be Korea SamSung company.
It is quite simple that special mobile phone is designing this old people that from relevant picture we can see Jitterbug company to be able to say, this mobile phone deployed 3 key-press only, among them most above the person that the first key-press can let use puts through at any time the operator of Jitterbug company, and the person that the 2nd key-press can let use is searched quickly most the telephone number that often uses, the function of the 3rd key-press is quite clear, it is to use those who have urgent call.
At present Jitterbug company rolls out a variety of different price formulas for this mobile phone, it is with 100 dollars exemple, on this price you can obtain an a mobile phone, car to carry charger and 100 minutes communicate freely time.

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