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[Graph article] old somewhat " listen " 6 MP3 players that fit an old person
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Remember be on the Spring Festival evening party that has a year, chen Gong " often come home look " , do not know excited the heart of how many boy far away from home. But wait for a reason as a result of working study, “ often comes home the father and mother that visits ” old became a kind of extravagant hopes however, the sort of caring and the sleeping and eating of boy far away from home that ashamed regret lets a lot of distance is installed hard. Then children people the old people that always hopes the home is medium can be in the life many somes of recreational activities, besides read ﹑ sees newspaper ﹑ see TV ﹑ sing ﹑ dances ﹑ play chess waits these traditional entertainment means a moment besides, many old people still like to hear music, song, or opera, might as well old people purchases a MP3, outer it is taken when giving fitness to perhaps rest, hearing favorite music, already can cheerful body and mind, also can the feeling with alone and doleful untangle.
The person went up age, general audition and eyesight meet those who have different rate to drop, the MP3 need screen that gives an old person the choose and buy is a few bigger, should own the indication screen in 1.5 inches of above at least, such ability let old people see clearly above shown content; has the MP3 operation that fits an old person to go up to want as far as possible again a few simpler, function need not too multifarious, make them very fast can master operation method, facilitate again write down prison. Still have a bit do not want on the exterior namely too flowery, austere and liberal model can let old people is accepted and love more. According to these characteristics, 6 MP3 that fit an old person were recommended to consult for everybody below.
1, Thomson B201
Exterior operation: Thomson B201 uses 2 inches of TFT to display screen, over all dimension is 76mm*43mm*14mm, key-press distributings the fluctuation that displaying screen two end. The design is more original, the operation rises to facilitate quite, suit old people to use.
Performance side: Of format of frequency of enharmonic of MP3 of Thomson B201 support, WMA, WAV broadcast, multilateral menu language can offer an alternative, supportive JPEG picture is browsed, can broadcast MPEG, AVI format film. In addition, thomson B201 still can listen to FM, will receive heard sound programme recording, old people but liked storytelling or opera transcribe comes down. Other function still has supportive electron book to read, interior has game function. What Thomson B201 deploys is inside buy lithium battery, interface of high speed USB2.0, the government supports MMC/SD memory to block extension.

2, in constant F501R
Exterior operation: Constant F501R used 44 square modelling designs in, crust of plain and easy; uses plastic material to pledge, main body color is the collocation of silver-colored black, the front is a 1.5 inches OLED displays screen, function key is located in the 4 side of airframe, key-press of two gyro wheel can come true almost all operations, this kind of means can let old people feel more comfortable.
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