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[Graph article] old somewhat " listen " 6 MP3 players that fit an old person
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Performance side: Constant F501R can broadcast MP3, WMA, WAV in a variety of music formats, have pattern of 7 kinds of EQ, complete frequency paragraph FM stereo radio, can store about 40 broadcasting station, and can be depended on inside the microphone of buy, make the function is copied inside high fidelity recording and reception of a radio. Additional, this MP3 still supports AMV film format, synchronism of double screen libretto shows, supportive electron book is read, and JPEG picture browses a function. Inside the lithium battery of buy, can offer 10 hours or so broadcast.
3, Newmann N02
Exterior operation: Newmann N02 uses housing of alloy of excel in magnalium, liquid crystal of color of 2 inches of TFT displays screen, edge horn passes pliable radian processing, solid but very lightsome, even if is old person accidentally drop falls on the ground to also won't throw bad; to operate easily, the key-press of 5 dimension direction of this MP3 was gone to by arrangement wrong lower part of the front, control respectively: Regressive / retreat quickly, ongoing / speed, switch on the mobile phone / broadcast / time-out / close machine, menu and volume are adjusted, the feel softness of key-press is comfortable, the operation is simple.
Function: Newmann N02 supports the video of AMV format to broadcast, picture qualitative clarity is fluent, the high speed that offers USB2.0 downloads. Frequency respect supports the format music such as MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF to broadcast, at the same time inside buy loudhailer, outside if old people feels earphone is no-go, still can be being used, put. Other side, this MP3 still has the character of train in excess specified length to record a function, can reach article beat inside machine, read at any time for you. Support A-B digital answer reads a function, have at the same time with read, comparative function.

, colorful DLA-658UL
Exterior operation: Colorful DLA-658UL uses screen of 1.8 inches of color, provide comfortable visual result, this type has milky white and black two kinds of color, plastic airframe, argent key-press, the front has 3 key-press, the key-press of the others and interface distributing in airframe flank, the operation rises very convenient.
Function: A variety of frequency of MP3 of colorful DLA-658UL support, WMA, WAV of the format broadcast, and AMV video is broadcasted, and have quite the fade that human nature changes fades broadcast a function, supportive libretto synchronism shows, function of supportive speech transcribe, successive recording can amount to 35 hours. What provide human nature to change quite is this MP3 still is had shut a function automatically, if old people forgot to close machine, also can reduce needless n loss.

5, stage report T18
Exterior operation: Stage report T18 uses complete gold of aluminous magnalium alloy, through gush arenaceous oxidation is handled, screen of liquid crystal of very little TFT of strong and durable;1.8, airframe ply only 11 millimeter. The 5 dimension button that uses among, topmost multichannel metal prevents Hua Wen to design, hold accuse feeling and strength to suit old people to use very much.
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